Monday, February 25, 2008

Checking in from Mudville

Yesterday it warmed up and thawed considerably. So for the first time in weeks, I gave both my horses a little attention. Because of the thawing, there was absolutely no bottom to the ground; our whole place was a marsh. Rather than soak my cowboy boots with mud, I put on rubber boots and waded across the pasture after Blue. Once I got to where the horses were lounging, I decided not to ride; Cliff's sister was coming to visit with us, and it would be rather rude of me to ride off into the sunset. Besides, Libby hadn't had any attention since I brought her back home from the "trainer".

It's risky to wear rubber boots with working with horses, but I had very little choice.

That's where the horses stood as I groomed them. Only it looks a lot worse than that, live and in person.

I spent about a half-hour with each horse, and I think both animals appreciated the attention, even if they had to stand knee-deep in mud. I notice they're shedding like crazy, so spring must not be too far off.

Cliff's sister decided to spend the night with us; so today Cliff mentioned Olive Garden, and Rena said she had never been there.

"Well, we'll fix that," Cliff said.

We made a stop at Penny's to pick up some T-shirts for Cliff, went to Wal-Mart and found a grinder on clearance exactly like Cliff needed, and then browsed around Sam's Club until time for Olive Garden to open up.

We had the soup, salad, and bread sticks with an appetizer of artichoke-spinach dip.


Cliff's sister, who's been in Wisconsin for the past fifteen years or so, is in the middle of divorce proceedings and is looking at places to live in this area.

I know, this is a pretty hum-drum entry. But at this time, life itself is pretty hum-drum. Sometimes that's a good thing.


Trish said...

Looks like it was a good choice to wear your rubber boots!

Come on Spring! :)

Celeste said...

yep that can be a good thing. I like Oliove garden, pat does not.