Thursday, February 21, 2008

Little aggravations

So Robin, a blogging friend over at AOL journals has a birthday coming up, and asked her readers to make a video of themselves singing happy birthday to her.

When I got my guitar out of the case, it was hopelessly out of tune. And it took me a good twenty minutes to find my guitar tuner.

Then I opened up the little compartment in my guitar case looking for my capo, and it's not there. I always keep it there! It's a Kyser, and I paid nearly $30 for it several years ago; I see they've come down in price, which is good if I can't find mine. Musician's Friend has them for $19.95. I'm thinking I may have left it in my cabin last fall. If Cliff and I take our morning walk, I'll check there and see.

Anyhow, what all of this tells me is that I haven't strummed my guitar in months. I'm such a slacker. I think when my husband wakes up and asks for his coffee, I'll serenade him, just to get back in practice. Yes, he will enjoy it; his hearing isn't great, and he thinks I sing like a pro.

Another little aggravation: I have mice playing around in a bathroom cabinet. I put poison out for them, but that takes so long to work that I decided to help it along with a mousetrap. Alas, the mice simply lick the peanut butter off and leave the trap unsprung.

They just don't make mousetraps like they used to. Cruel as it is, I'm going to get some of that sticky paper I with which I catch mice at the cabin and put it down inside the cabinet. I hate mice in my house; they're filthy little vermin, and they poop everywhere.


BarnGoddess said...

I bet you play and sing beautifully!

I broke out my flute at Christmas...Ive nearly forgotten how to play it has been so long.

mice-ew. you are right about them, they are nasty. I havent had any signs of them. I like to think my cats keep them away but I know better! I think the stuff the Orkin Man treats our house with may help in preventing them, along with those awful fiddleback and black widow spiders I am terrified of getting bitten by!

I hope this nasty weather weve got out here in OKLA isnt headed your way, this ice is just awful.

Brian said...

Try smashing part of a Tootsie Roll onto the mousetrap. Mice love them, and they're harder to remove than peanut butter.

CountryDew said...

I haven't played my guitar in a very long time, either. My fingers are now very soft and no longer calloused. I keep thinking I will do better, but I seem to never have time. I hope you found your capo!