Thursday, February 21, 2008

More pretties from the past

I've been scanning the post cards that were given to my father when he was growing up, all of them before 1924, I believe. In the collection are cards for most any occasion. None of them have been mailed, but most had a note on the back and were signed by the giver. I guess people just handed out the cards the way kids do Valentines today.

I'll bet World War I was going on when this Thanksgiving card was printed.

Now here are some handkerchiefs whose age I'm sure of, because they were mine as a child. Most, if not all, were given to me when I was in the hospital for a week when I was seven years old, in 1951. The doctors never did figure out what was wrong with me, but my mysterious ailment disappeared on its own. My fever finally ebbed and I stopped vomiting, so they unhooked the intravenous needles from my arm, started feeding me gradually, and sent me home.


Midlife Mom said...

Nice old post cards and hankies. They don't make them like that any more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna...just discovered your blog. I love looking through your moms stuff with you. Kinda like going through Grandma's attic. I'm posting a wee post about your site. Hope that's okay. Don't expect a lot of traffic as my readership is about 12.
But wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed rifling through your posts!

One in Ten said...

Love the hankies
The post cards look like the ones my dad got when he was overseas
during WW2

BarnGoddess said...

MM said exactly what I was thinking, they do not make them like that anymore.

The bluebirds birthday is a favorite of mine!

Rechelle said...

Love cool old stuff like that. I always want to try to come up with a project to create using vintage cards or old lace pillowcases...but I am not very good at projects so it is better left alone.