Wednesday, August 22, 2012


It wasn't even 8 A.M. when Cliff and I heard a motorcycle drawing nearer and nearer.  Sounded like a Harley.  I looked out and saw a guy on a motorcycle sitting in front of Cliff's shop, so I stepped out onto the porch.  He saw me, turned off the bike, and started walking toward the house.  I stepped back inside and watched him approach.  As he climbed the steps to our porch, Cliff and I both went to the door.  
"Hi," he said.  "I'm a friend of Marvin and Roxanne's; is that their house?"  
He was pointing at our old 100-year-old house.  Must not be a very close friend, I thought, if you don't know which house was theirs, and don't know they haven't lived out here for a year.
"No," I said, "that's their house over there."  I pointed toward the monstrosity.  "Their house was foreclosed on."  
"Huh," says he, "you'd think I would remember where they lived; I helped pour the basement."  
So the dude helped pour the basement but thought our obviously-old house was theirs?  
He must be smoking some of that wacky tabackie, or maybe he's just plain stupid.  Either way, he's a liar.       
"I just need to plug the battery into an electrical outlet," he says.  "It would only take about fifteen minutes, and I have the charger with me."
Cliff slipped into some house shoes and took him to the shop.  He did not, however, open the shop up.  He let the guy use an outside plug in.  They are still out there.

I don't know if I have told the latest developments on the neighboring house, by the way.  I tend to forget whether I told certain things in my blog, or only on Facebook.  The above picture is one I took the day of the auction.  I'm sure you think that floor looks nice, but it's spongy in several places, and the boards don't quite reach the walls.  See that space under the door?  Those people lived in that house for three winters with that space there.  Maybe they tossed blankets up against it to keep out the cold, who knows.    

Those beams might look good in the picture, but they are splitting.  The guy made his own beams from trees on the property and put them in the house still green.  So when they cured, they shrank.  One fell, while they still lived there.  
The bank wanted $95,000 that day, but the bid only reached $75,000, so it was no sale.  
Somebody I know went to the bank shortly thereafter, thinking to get them down on their price.  At this point, $85,000 was the lowest they would go.  My acquaintance said they weren't going to pay that much, since the house is no good, and half the property is a ditch.  
A few days ago I saw a family over there going in and out of the house; a man walked back quite a ways on the property as if checking out how far the land went.  The same people were here the next night, and since they had access to the inside of the house, I assumed they had bought the place.  
But then last night, different people were over there looking the place over.  A man lifted a woman up so she could look in the window.  
I sure wish I knew whether someone bought it, and if they did, what their plans are for the house.  I would so love to see it gone.  

By the way, that guy's fifteen-minute charge must not be working out for him.  He and Cliff have been out there for forty minutes.  I think I'll go see what's going on.
*added later:  the guy told Cliff his life story out there.  He just got out of prison, after being in for four years.


Hyperblogal said...

Hmmmm smells fishy....

Donna said...

I went out and more or less ran the guy off, told him it was time for me and Cliff to go for a walk. Turns out he just got out of prison, had been there for four years.

Carlene Noggle said...

I am trying to comment but keep getting a sign in thing ! dang it. ANyway, don't let this nut back on your property!!! call 911.

Helen said...

Glad that you kept him out of your house and Cliff kept him out of his shop. You can't be to careful these days. People are coning older people everyday. Some people came in a house on the local news, told them they were from home health. One talked to the woman while the other plundered in the house. Took 400 dollars out of one of her drawers. Two women came by here yesterday, wanted to share some religious things with the neighbors. I told them I wasn't interested. Not letting any strangers in here.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

That man sure seemed suspicious. I am glad you didn't let him in the house. If you have a gun, keep it loaded and nearby in case he decides to come back for another visit.
I hope that house next door sells or gets demolished soon!

Paula said...

You got lots of interesting things going on there today. Be careful!


Wouldn't have trusted that guy as far as you could throw him. Hope he's long GONE and you're both safe. Keep your doors locked and some bug spray close at hand in case of a home invasion.

Sister--Three said...

Never know who is going to drive up! Keep vigil.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is a strange situation. And that house is beautiful if only it had been done right and not ready to fall apart. Still it's at a high price for all the work that will need to be done. Hope whoever buys it make good neighbors.

Lori said...

You can never be too careful!