Friday, August 10, 2012

Finally, Canada

On Friday morning, Cliff and I showered and did laundry at the KOA campground and turned our faces toward Canada, which was only about forty miles from Glacier National Park.  We showed our passports, and when the crossing guard asked where we were going, Cliff looked at me and I said, "We don't know!"  I had a few ideas, thanks to suggestions from a reader in Canada, but they were pretty vague.  I can't even tell you which route got us into the place!  The guard suggested we stop at an information center in Cardston, where we might get some ideas of where to go next.  
By the way, in Canada "center" is spelled "centre", and a check is a cheque.  There was a carriage museum there, but Cliff didn't think it sounded very interesting, so we passed on that and started driving.
Folks, if you ever visit Canada, be forewarned:  the roads aren't marked nearly as well as ours.  This wouldn't have been an issue if our GPS hadn't been confused all the time we were there, but the silly thing was lost in Canada!  So as we drove through the wheat fields taking in the solitude and scenery, we had no idea where we were going to end up.  
And then I happened to see a sign that read "Farm Museum".  
"Cliff, that sign said 'Farm Museum'."  
He seemed to be in a daze, looking straight ahead.  
"Cliff, it's a farm museum, and I think the sign said something about tractors!"  
That got his attention, so we kept our eyes peeled for another sign, and were soon rewarded.  It happened to be perfect timing, because the people at the museum were getting ready for a tractor show, Cliff's favorite form of entertainment.  

There were antique tractors galore, many of them moving around the grounds.  

And then, the sight of a Cockshutt tractor made Cliff's day.

Cockshutt is the Canadian version of Cliff's Oliver.  Of course, the companies went out of business long ago, so these old models are all that's left.

The guys putting on the show were especially proud of this big dinosaur.  It had been hauled in from someplace else.  

We arrived at this place before noon and made sandwiches for lunch.  I suspect we spent three or four hours there, and it was just what the doctor ordered for Cliff.  Our first day in Canada was a great one.  We found a cheap motel in Fort Macleod and had the only go-inside-sit-down meal of the trip at Macleod's restaurant.  It was a great meal, and we had a wonderful waitress who said, "for sure" a lot.  

Oh, in Canada they call rest rooms washrooms.  I got a strange look when I asked where the rest room was.  


darev2005 said...

I imagine if Cliff had known about the tractor show there would have been no mention of "I don't know" when you crossed the border. (grin)

"Goin' to see the tractors, eh?"

"For sure!"


OMG What are the odds of that... stumbling onto a Tractor Show in Canada. Cliff must have been in heaven for sure. Were you as tickled??? When my husband and I got married we toured Canada by car. I drove and could not get used to the kilometers as mph and speed limits. Made for an interesting journey. LOL They have some great Ma and PA motels up there too. Make you feel right at home. Glad you had fun.

Margaret said...

That's hilarious that you managed to find a tractor show! I'm glad that at least your FIRST day in Canada was a good one. :)

Paula said...

The grin on Cliff's face in the one picture indicates he is in seventh heaven. I've only been to Canada one time and that was to Niagra Falls late one winter day so I didn't see much.

Melissa Wiggins said...

I have to admit that all the work you did to create an inexpensive trip would have worn me out -- but I love how when, even lost, you guys found a way to have a grand time. This is the kind of travel we used to enjoy -- Hubby isn't as comfortably being lost these days, but there was a time when he would just pull off onto a strange road and we'd love wherever we wound up. Your trip report is great fun -- keep 'em coming. MGW

Carlene Noggle said...
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Carlene Noggle said...

Now I believe that God was directing yall's path to lead you to that Tractor show!!! I know Cliff was in heaven for sure! I love these pictures donna...I get to see canada through your eyes!!! Tahnk you so much for posting them.

Lori said...

Wow! You couldn't have planned it better!