Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Little Big Man

When we're on a road trip, I make sure I have a book to read aloud, one both Cliff and I will enjoy.  I had a new library book on my Ipad and started to read that, but it was about ghosts and hauntings, and by the third page, I knew this book wasn't for us.  
Now, I've taken advantage of a lot of the "Nook Free Friday" books that look like they would interest me, so I have at least fifty books that I haven't begun to read.  There are also a few books I obtained with Barnes and Noble gift cards I purchased using my Swagbucks; I've read them, but some of them are good enough to read again.  
Glancing over the titles, I noticed "Little Big Man".  The movie by that name is one of my all-time favorites, and Cliff likes it too.  I had begun to read the book at some point and made it about halfway through, then stopped.  This is one of those rare cases where, in my opinion, the movie is much better than the book.  
However, I suggested to Cliff that I start reading aloud from the point at which I had stopped.  He is familiar with the story because of the movie, so it wouldn't be too confusing to him to start in the middle.  
I don't read nonstop on our trips.  I might read fifteen minutes, and then stop for a half-hour.  If Cliff starts yawning constantly, I start reading.  He never yawns even once as long as I am reading.  
"Little Big Man" leads up to Custer's Last Stand.  When I started reading it to Cliff, I had no idea we would be stopping at the spot where that battle took place. 
It was probably the most difficult book I've ever read aloud, with run-on sentences and bad grammer (because the guy narrating it isn't supposed to be much of a scholar).  Still, it was pretty neat passing through the same part of the country where so much of the book took place.  
I finished it on the way home and started on one of my Free Friday books, which was so interesting that I'm going to have to finish it on my own:  "212" by Alafair Burke; it's part of the Ellie Hatcher series.  I may have to read more of these!  I love who-done-its.  If Cliff wants to see who's murdering all these people, he will have to read it himself... or ask me when I'm done with it.


Margaret said...

This is James Lee Burke's daughter?? He is an amazing writer!! His Dave Robicheaux series knocks my socks off.

Carlene Noggle said...

I will be looking for the 212 book!!!


I LOVE it that you were passing through the same part of the country where the book took place, as you were reading it. That is NEAT, indeed. I can't read in a moving car, no matter how much I've tried. Makes me car sick.

Jon said...

The book about ghosts and hauntings sounds like one that I'd be interested in.
But why read on a vacation? You're gonna miss all the scenery that passes by outside the window!

Anita said...

I never thought about reading a book out loud during a road trip. Hmmm... might have to see if I can get the family on board and let me do it.

Typically, the husband is driving and I'm doing croswords, sudoku, or reading; and the kids are watching a movie on our portable DVD player. Well at least we're "physically" together. :)