Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Checking in

Cliff's St. Louis sister, Charlene, and her husband Pat came to visit Saturday and left today.  We've had a great time with them throughout their stay, but especially Saturday night.  Their son and his wife came from St. Joseph to visit with all of us.  The oldest grandson was here with Heather.  Of course Cliff's next-door sister hung out with us too.  
You'd have to know my brother-in-law Pat to really understand what a clown he can be, and to appreciate how things went down once his son, a true chip-off-the-old-block, arrived.  Those two could make money as a comedy act.  We sat outside Cliff's shop until long after dark, all of us laughing until our sides hurt.  I wished several times that my daughter and her family could have been here; that was the only thing marring a perfect evening.  
My sister called Saturday to tell me she went to have a minor procedure done by a plastic surgeon (sun damage, I believe).  He left the room and a lady doctor walked in and started visiting with her, telling her about some patient with breast cancer who was getting a reconstruction.  Maxine said, "My niece is going through that right now."  
"What's her name," the lady doctor asked.  
"Oh, she lives forty miles east of Kansas City, so I'm sure you wouldn't know her."  
"We have a lot of patients," the doctor answered.  "What's her name?"
When Maxine told her, she said, "Oh yes, she's my patient!  She has the most upbeat attitude, and is always making us laugh.  When she had the drainage tubes in, she named them!  One was Jaxson.  We enjoy her so much."  
Yeah, that's my daughter.  Her doctors brag on her.  

Because the Nook edition of the first book in "The Hunger Games" series was on sale for $1.99 last week, I bought it.  It isn't really my cup of tea, but it held my interest just fine.  If you've read the book, you can imagine my frustration at the way it ended.  You have to get the next book to see what happens to the main characters!  I refuse to pay ten bucks for the second book, so I went to my library website to see if they had the digital edition.  They only have the Audio book.  Audio-books seem to put me to sleep, but I put in a hold for it.  There are thirty-six people ahead of me.  That's OK, I can wait.  
I just hope I can stay awake to listen to it.


Margaret said...

Loved the HG and the 2nd book. Third book, not so much, but by then I was committed. Glad you had some laughs!

Missie said...

Glad you had a good family visit.

kcmeesha said...

I listen to audiobooks when I walk. Then I can't fall asleep.

Donna said...

I have to listen to Cliff when I walk, so an audio book wouldn't go over so well.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend for you and from the sounds of things just what you needed too. I love having people around me that laugh a lot. I am going to be missing the campfire and the friends we had at the campground. We always had plenty to laugh at too. Many times after working a long week, that campfire and the friends were a blessing. I didn't read the hunger games at all and the only time I've listened to audio books was when traveling. They were enjoyable on a long trip.


What a great family get together you had. I love it when you can gather round and laugh like that. It's GOOD for what ails you. And even though you missed your daughter, she was there in conversation. Take care. PS) Check out the tractor on featured on my blog post. I think you and Cliff will get a kick out of it. never saw anything like it.

Bookncoffee said...

Glad you had a great time with family. I love nights like that when you can just sit and laugh with friends/family. It's so far and few between. Love it that the doc and nurses bragged on Rachel and she made them laugh. That is awesome. Small world sometimes too.