Friday, August 24, 2012

I'm not in the mood for blogging

I may be taking a few days away from the blog.  Usually once I make this announcement, I suddenly get lots of stuff to tell about, so don't count on my disappearing.  

I am in a lousy mood.  I am depressed at this extended drought and its effects on my garden and the whole state of Missouri in general.  I gave up on having a fall garden because I have messed with soaker hoses all summer and I don't want to do it any more.  We won't even talk about the bugs eating holes in the tomatoes and peppers, living inside them, and causing them to rot.  
I am depressed by everything my daughter is going through, and I am depressed that I can't do anything about it.  Of course she will whip cancer, but the chemo that is saving her is making her miserable right now.  And even though we all know her chances are excellent, if you've been through this, you know there is always the big "what if" hanging over our heads.  I may as well put that out there, right?  You know it's true.  
I am depressed by the whole political circus, and especially depressed at the stupidity of the Republican party, which used to be MY party.  
I'm depressed by people who try to bully me into voting for someone I can't stand because if I write in the person I believe in, I am "throwing away my vote".  
No, I'm not.  I'm just being true to myself.  If I vote for someone I don't like or trust just so the other guy will lose, I'm being a hypocrite.    
I'm depressed because I bought some bananas at Aldi's the other day that were so very green, they won't ripen at all.  Hey, it's my pity party; leave me alone.
So if I don't have anything to blog about for a few days, now you know the reasons why.  
But knowing me, I'm liable to be back tomorrow sending more blather your way.



Go ahead take some time off to have a PITY PARTY. You deserve it. Life is a nuisance at times. I understand the situation with your daughter all too well and know that grinning and bearing it can be a tough road indeed. Hang in there. The sun will come out tomorrow. take care.

Lisa said...

If you email me your address will send you some snail mail, hugs

Anonymous said...

Donna, about the drought here in Missouri. You just typed what I have been wanting to post for months but I have been so sad over what the drought has done to our property I can't even blog. We drove to Columbia today and I was shocked. Jefferson City looks like a blow torch has been taken to it. Every day we worry about our well. Our Oaks are dying. It hasn't been the best of summers. CH and I have both had health issues. It all pales in comparison to the fight your daughter is waging. She WILL whip cancer. She is in my prayers every night. She is included in my rosary every night. I just had to comment tonight because I felt your feelings right in my very own heart right here in rainless Missouri. We haven't had rain since May 7th. Just reading your post makes me feel not so alone with my feelings about the sadness of our Missouri drought. I have never experienced anything like it weather-wise in my soon to be 61 years.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We had a little rain last week and cooler days for awhile but now the heat is back on. I am sure ready for fall. The heat gets me down too. But we do have a lot to be thankful for. So I just keep on counting my blessings. Take good care ! Nothing lasts forever.

Margaret said...

May I join you in the pity party? :( Thinking of you and hoping that Rachel feels better!

Melissa Wiggins said...

Ah! The pit of the down-days. We know them well. I've even given up listening to the weather --the prognosticators keep promising rain --and it never comes my direction. It's been a lousy summer, weather-wise. You have every reason to feel depressed about your daughter -- but when I read her blog, I'm always amazed how upbeat SHE remains. I've been so impressed with her going to work, looking at every set-back as another opportunity. She is truly a marvel. We continue to pray for her full recovery. Finally, silence can be a good thing -- just don't let it go on to long. I need (how selfish is that?) my farm report ... MGW

Carlene Noggle said...

I can not blame you for being depressed Donna...but I had to laugh about the bananas..I too bouyght some that never turned from Walmart! I didn't plant my tomatoes this year because I got so discusted with the bugs and such last year. My friends have kept me in fresh ones!

Hyperblogal said...

I'm generally depressed each morning when I wake up and realize "crap, I'm still me." Hang in there we Cancers always rally .

darev2005 said...

I know how you feel.

It's hitting me too.

I had planned on blogging every day of my vacation and I have hardly put up anything.

I should have said I was taking a break. Then I would have plenty to say.

Take a deep breath. It will get better.

Lori said...

I think you have the right to take a few days off, and we all need a pity party once in a while. It's draining when you have a loved one going through cancer treatments, and, like you say, the weather and the political situation (not to mention the economic situation!) is enough to get anyone down. Take care, rest up, and get your wind back.

Bookncoffee said...

I feel like this sometimes. I know how you feel about life in general. Rachel is another story - I have not had to go through that with a family member and hope I do not have to. But I would be having a difficult time if my Kate were going through it. I pray for you all often. I think you will be getting some tropical rains right? HOpe so. Hang in there! Hope you all get to have some fun and R and R and good times this weekend. Gotta go check out Rachel's blog too.