Friday, August 17, 2012

Babysitting a Great Dane

My grandson and his girl friend have watched my dog Iris several times when Cliff and I went on weekend trips.  We really appreciated it, since it costs $15 a day to board her.  Nobody usually volunteers to dog-sit for us; Iris sheds like crazy, and attacks a television any time there's an animal on.  She's a total nutcase.    

So, I owed them.  I told them Titan could stay here during their six-day vacation in New Mexico.  I do love Titan.  He's very affectionate, and only wants to please.  
He also stinks.  He has the worst doggie-odor I've ever experienced, I think that's because he isn't neutered.  Not to mention that he occasionally passes gas, although that's only happened four times since he's been here.  Another thing... he sheds as bad as my dog, Iris.  The only difference is that his hairs are very short.  So I know when it's his hairs on the screen of my Ipad.  

I took a picture of Titan to share on Facebook.  He was laying on my feet and I thought it was hilarious.  After I posted the picture, I realized the most noticeable detail in the picture was his testicles.  Oh yeah. 
The grandson brought Titan's kennel so that in case we went someplace, we could put him up.  Because lately, when they leave him at home alone, he's been destroying things to show his displeasure that they left him behind.  I had to drag him in there the first time, but after he found out I was going to give him a treat, he was glad to enter his cave.  
When Titan is at home, he sleeps on the couch.  At my house, the rule is, no dogs on the couch.  So I take his bed and blanket to our bedroom, put it beside our bed, and shut the door with all four of us... me, Cliff, Iris, and Titan... enclosed in a room together for the entire night.  
Did I mention that Titan stinks?  And that he tends to have a little flatulence problem at times?  
I do love that dog.  I love our grandson and Heather.  I owe them this favor.  
But from now on?  Never again.  I will put Iris in a kennel for $15 a day.  
Titan is well behaved, though.  I'll give him that.


Donna in TEXAS said...

Why don't they fix him? He is huge!!! And makes you look so tiny .. I've never had dogs that shed until coach I hate it any further digs will be non shedding


That dog has to be the biggest pooch I've ever seen. He's a Titan for sure. I can only imagine the odor permeating the room when he lets one go. You're doing a GOOD deed. My daughter's dog is big too. When he stands on his hind legs he's taller than me, so I'm a little intimidated. But he's gentle and sweet too like this one. How many days are left for you to babysit??? hang in there.

Lisa said...

He is still pretty damn cute, lol