Monday, June 21, 2010

My flowered mornings

Most mornings I head outside with my coffee in hand; it's exciting to me to see which flowers are blooming.  I've never had a lot of perennials other than Iris and Peonies, so many of these plants are ones with which I've become acquainted in the last two years.  
Coneflowers, one of my new favorite posies.  Talk about trouble-free, these are.  I moved some white ones onto Sadie's grave, where I intend for something to be blooming from spring through fall.  

The tall hibiscus is almost ready to start strutting its stuff.  I can't wait!  

I bought these marked-down Shasta daisies at Home Depot on our anniversary; I look forward to dividing it and putting it in various places amongst my other flowers.  I picked up the salvia (behind the daisies) yesterday at Orschelns, on a quick Father's Day motorcycle ride.  Salvia is an annual, but it will fill in some space until I find suitable perennials later on.    

This hydrangea is another Home Depot bargain; the leaves have some rust-colored spots, but notice on the new growth there is no evidence of this.  Keep in mind that all these varieties are new to me, so if I kill them, it will be no surprise.

I know this has to be something I planted two years ago, but I have no idea what it is.  This one is in back of the house.  I hope at some point it shows me some blossoms.  Surely I wouldn't have placed it here if it weren't a blooming plant.  

There's another one in front of the house.  I sure would like to know what my mystery plants are.  

I love astilbes.  I only wish they bloomed longer.  

So, now you've taken my morning walk with me and Iris the dog.  Isn't it exciting?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Wow! That place all cleaned up and cleared looks wonderful. It's hard to believe it was ever there. Your flowers are lovely and I'm like you and enjoy seeing something growing and blooming. Our yard is like that with something different blooming from tulips in the spring on. I am commenting on both your entries here.
Have a great Monday!

Hollie said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! Thannks for sharing & the place looks great w/o the old trailer! Great job the fellows done!

madcobug said...

I have no idea what the first mystery plant is, the second one looks like an Azalea. I had my first Hibiscus bloom last week but the plant is loaded with buds. Take care with that Shasta Daisy. I planted one in my flower bed once and it took over the whole bed. My fault I suppose because I didn't pull any of them up. I love the Cone flowers and the Astilbes. Helen

Toni said...

The flowers are absolutely lovely. And I enjoy coneflower as well. Such a sturdy yet pretty flower. The astilbes are stunning. I really like Columbine too. The 5 petals sit between 5 sepals and there are these "horns" or points that come off the petals that are in the color of the sepals. Totally fascinating to me.

Thanks, Ms. Donna, for the very nice comment you left on my blog. Coming from you, those words sincerly meant so much to me. Summer blessings to you, friend.