Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have several tomatoes on my vines, the largest of them about an inch wide.  I can't wait!

This is a hibiscus I got last year from a seed company.  It's very tall, and strong winds have damaged some of the stalks.  I wonder if I should somehow stake it?  I'm fairly new to hibiscus.  

My daughter gave me this hibiscus from her flowerbed.  It's less than two feet tall.  Are there both tall and short varieties of hibiscus?  

This is an Asiatic lily I bought yesterday.  I have several regular day lilies almost ready to bloom, but they are nothing like this.  

Here's a hydrangea, also purchased yesterday; it was marked down.  Now that it's already planted, I read online that it should be at least in partial shade.  Shall I leave it where it stands, or move it to the north side of the house with the astilbes?  

Whoever said ignorance is bliss certainly didn't know what they were talking about, because I'm very ignorant about flowers and I don't feel blissful about it.  

Now, to answer a question someone asked about our "new" dog:  Iris doesn't show up in any of the pictures taken Saturday because it was storming, and she's terrified of storms.  So I had her safely tucked away in her hidey-hole.  Later in the day when the storms abated, she did indeed mix with the people and dogs that were present.
We still watch her closely with Angel, but I believe she is getting to the point where she will live and let live.  Granddaughter Amber spent a lot of time here with her Mini-pin, Sophie; For the most part, Iris ignored her.  We've found that Iris isn't worried about other dogs eating her food, which was a real sore spot with Sadie.  She is possessive about her toys, and does not want any dog approaching those.  So we know what to watch out for when a dog is visiting. 

Iris has settled in nicely and has become a real part of our household.  We do watch her closely because of her counter-surfing habits; I don't leave her in the house alone even for a minute; she either goes out with me, or into her pet taxi.  Now that she's totally recovered from her pneumonia, or whatever she had, she's a live wire.  She will chase a ball or Frisbee as long as someone is willing to throw it for her; she really got a workout with all the company we had last week.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I enjoyed seeing your family all together having a great time despite the rain. Thankfully you have a large area to get in from the weather. I also enjoyed seeing all the plants you have. My hydrangea has four small buds now and will soon be blooming. It just gets bigger and bigger each year and is crowded in the space it is in. It's another rainy day in Ohio. I'll be glad when it drys out a bit.

Wil said...

My favorite time of year is coming. Fried Green Tomatoes time, that's what.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I lurk occasionally! I'm in your planting zone, so your flowers should act about like the ones in my garden. The hydrangea I've had trouble with. Mine is in partial shade and needs tons of water. It still hasn't done well, but looks healthy this year. The asiatic lillies are great. They'll bloom, die and come back bigger and better next year, they'll spread a bit. Walmart will carry them and mark them down after they bloom, and you can buy them cheap, they'll look great next year. The hibiscus have a lot of different varieties, but your's looks like "hardy" hibiscus, they do well here, and will last several years or longer. The ones with the glossy leaves must be brought in during winter. Enjoy!