Friday, June 11, 2010

Moving stuff around

Cliff has been getting lots of help from Jim this week.  With the old trailer house gone, there are plenty of other things to move out of that part of the yard.  Cliff hauled this propane tank to his storage area near the ditch; I'm thinking about selling it on Craigslist.  These things bring $300 sometimes.  

My parents bought this shed in the early 70's.  When they moved out here, Cliff moved the shed here for them.  

It's amazing what you'll find beneath long-standing buildings.

Snakes and slugs, for instance.  They seem to coexist just fine.  That was a sassy little snake, and Cliff didn't like his color; so he and Jim took a shovel to him.  

Beneath the old shed were dozens of fat mice.  Can you see the mouse in this picture?  No?  Let me crop it and make him closer.

He's peeking out the right side of the hole.  Click to make it larger and you'll see those cute little eyes.  

These last couple of days have been exciting and fun-filled, with plenty of wonderful sights just like these.  It doesn't take much to entertain rednecks.


Anonymous said...

We paid $500 for a 500 gal. tank 5 years ago in WY. ~ Marcia

Anonymous said...

yes i saw the little rascal peeking out.

madcobug said...

Yikes snakes, I don't like those things. It looks like it could be a rattler of some sort. Best way to get that tank out of the way would be Craig's list I suppose. Seems like you have good luck buying and selling on there. Helen

Ms Martyr said...

I bet the snake was there after the mice, which are now going to be looking for a new home - eek! We have had terrific luck with setting traps by our woodpile. This seems to catch them before they move indoors.