Thursday, June 24, 2010

Getting to know Iris

Dogs, like kids, have distinctive characteristics.  Iris is the first dog I've had who is not motivated by food.  Oh, don't get me wrong:  she LOVES food.  But she doesn't beg for it.  To watch her behavior, you would think she didn't care about food at all.  I give you this little video, in which I feed Iris some Fritos.

Notice, she was very nonchalant, acting as though she didn't care whether anyone gave her a Frito.

She is, however, very motivated by toys.  Especially by any sort of ball.  Now please forgive me for showing so much leg in the following video, but I had my shorty-shorts on that I only wear around home.  And if I had to change clothes for every video I make, I wouldn't make many videos.  Also forgive me for the fact that the vacuum sweeper is in the picture; hey, at least I USE it sometimes.

If you're wondering what I was watching on TV in the first part of this video, it was "In Plain Sight".  Pretty good show, I think.  Iris, on the other hand, thinks they need to get a dog or cat signed on to make it more interesting.


Mrs. L said...

They do say that dogs are motivated by food or toys and I've never seen a dog so motivated by toys. She's amazing. A great Frisbee dog if you ask me. Lucky you.

madcobug said...

Cute videos. Sometimes these two dogs will eat something salty. Guess the get a taste for it. Helen

Amy said...

I love that show!!

My dogs are prtty food motivated, but the oldest will go CRAZY for anything with a squeak in it....won't rest until he has ripped out the squeaker and silenced it forever.

small farm girl said...

I wonder if she has border collie in her. They are very motivated by toys and such. She looks like she could have some in her. border collie, not toys. lol

Milly said...

Such a well behaved girl! My two are much more instant when they want attention. Lovely dog, by the way!

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Buzzy is food and toy motivated. Your house is nice, so is your leg.. :)