Thursday, June 24, 2010

More memories

I went looking in an old photo album, hoping to find a picture of the 8N Ford tractor I mentioned in yesterday's post.  Cliff cannot recall ever seeing a picture of that tractor, although I seem to remember seeing a hazy picture (aren't all my old photos hazy?) of Cliff on that tractor, holding our son.  If such a picture exists, I didn't find it today.
What I did find was a group of pictures from that time period depicting a very exciting episode of our farm life:  We had a pond built!  

This is where the dozer-man was marking the outline of the pond.  

There was some rain, which started the pond filling with water before it was done.  Cliff took a vacation day from work to watch the pond being dug, but the guy only worked half a day and then went fishing.  

Judging by the size of my children in this picture, we must have had the pond built in 1971.  
We swam in it sometimes.  We had it stocked with fish, although I don't remember catching anything but tiny sunfish.  
Our cost was $666.  Oh my goodness, we thought we were in tall cotton.  
I'd love to have a pond like it on this place, but the windblown sandy soil on which we live doesn't hold water like that Oak Grove clay did.  

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