Friday, August 22, 2008

I've just been through a divorce

No, not MY divorce. My husband's sister had to travel 700 miles to Antigo, Wisconsin, to finalize the divorce from her husband. She didn't want to make that trip alone, so I volunteered to go with her. I don't drive, so I was no help at all with that. But at least I helped keep her awake on that grueling road trip.

I will say that northern Iowa and Wisconsin are quite lovely. I can also tell you that I hope never to see the place again; it will forever hold unhappy memories for me. I saw my sister-in-law unsuccessfully fight tears in court, at the end of a twenty-eight-year-long marriage.

That's the water tower in the town where the divorce took place.

That's Rena, bravely heading into court. When I look at this picture, it makes me glad I went along; she looks so alone.

Rena spent a lot of time behind this door.

I loved this picture. The words say, "When tongue and pen alike are free, Safe from all foes dwells liberty."

And this is the courtroom. I didn't dare try taking a picture when the actual proceedings were going on, but you can see Rena and her ex-husband's lawyer getting ready for the event.

It didn't take long, really. Not much longer than many marriage ceremonies.

I have to say I feel more emotion now, reliving the whole thing, than I did watching it.

I hate divorce.


China Pattern said...

I have recently written a long defense of marriage in response to a particular situation at a different blog site. I commented that divorce can feel like a death from what I have seen. I hate divorce because it is so painful for everyone who has to go through it. I wish your SIL peace. How wonderful that she had you for company. That moral support can mean a lot when lifes harder times roll around.

Muhd Imran said...

It is a very unfortunate and sad event in anyone's life to have to come to this.

Fortunately, you were there to give moral support she really needed.

Hopefully she will go on with her life happy as should everyone deserves to be.

Becky said...

Tsk. This is so sad! My sympathies to Rena.

Anonymous said...

you are a wonderful person and sister in law, divorce hurts, but she had you for her in many ways...bless your kind heart and soul.

Midlife Mom said...

What a kind thing for you to do to go with your SIL on that long sad journey. I'm sure she will never forget your company on that trip. I hope she can move on and heal. My thoughts and prayers are with her.