Monday, August 11, 2008

Pictures from our motorcycle ride

Cliff and I took advantage of our perfect weather to go for a long ride on our Gold Wing. In Missouri, any trip that doesn't involve an Interstate highway is scenic, and I fully enjoyed this very familiar route up 13 highway to Bethany, where one of my family reunions was being held.

This mural celebrates the fact that J.C. Penny was born in Hamilton, Missouri.

This is the grand old courthouse in Gallatin. Jesse James once robbed the Gallatin Bank.

This is the tiny, almost-dead town of Coffee, Missouri. Cliff and I lived two miles from here with our children during the winter of 1974-75. It didn't take us long to move back to familiar territory.

Bethany was our destination, and we arrived less than two hours after leaving home.

That nursing home was my mom's last residence before she passed away.

More later.

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CrackerJacks said...

Gama and Papa are big riders and have a few bikes themselves. Anytime Izzy sees or hears one, she says its them or it's a bike just like theirs. The one that they are sitting on in the photo is my brothers new crotch rocket Kawasaki. He just graduated college this last May and decided that he'd buy one.

Thanks for visiting! Can't wait to see more pics of the trip!