Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sadie: a high-energy dog

My dog, Sadie, has far too much energy to have ended up in the home of a couple of people in their sixties. Unfortunately, I'm deeply attached to her, so I make do.

I've never been able to turn her loose, because she's been off like a shot running around the neighborhood, once she's free. That would be OK in this country area, except my last dog died running across 224 highway. I don't think I could stand losing another dog that way.

So Sadie has been turned loose each day for our walk in the pasture, then confined either to the house, or on a tie-out in the yard.

Since we've moved back further from the road, though, I've been giving her a little more freedom: For instance, when I put her out to potty, I no longer hook the leash to her collar. I stand on the front porch and watch her, and she comes right back when she's done. When I take her to the tie-out, I've stopped hanging onto her collar for dear life because she's stopped her desperate runs for freedom.

Yesterday, each time I went outside I took her along, sans leash. She did great.

This morning she had a relapse. The minute I went outside with her, I could see she was in her "escape" mode. I no sooner got the words "Here, Sadie" out of my mouth than she was gone.

I should have remembered to have a Frisbee session with her, first thing, because on the days we don't walk and give her a chance to run, she's a mess. She's passionate about her Frisbee, and I can wear the edge off her energy that way.

All's well that ends well, and Sadie showed up back at home after about twenty minutes. I scolded her and she acted sufficiently contrite. I gave her five minutes to think about her sins and repent, then took her out for the Frisbee session she should have had earlier.

When we're done, I tell Sadie to take the Frisbee to the house, and she does so quite willingly.

I do believe Cliff has cleaned up the Gold Wing for a reason: It's perfect weather, and we'll ride today!

I'll throw in this picture of yesterday's sunrise at no extra cost. One can't get too many sunrises, you know.


Celeste said...

We can never get too many sunrises.

Spyder said...

We really can't trust our dogs much to stick around. And the roads are so close.