Sunday, August 17, 2008

the alphabet meme

I'll soon be traveling to Wisconsin with my sister-in-law; she's going to (finally) get her divorce, and didn't want to go alone. Oh, and there's a hot tub in my near future. So I should have plenty to blog about before long. But right now, things are going along in the same vein as they have been for most of the summer. We're making progress on our place: sometime next week our back porch and deck should be finished. And I'm still watching hummingbirds.

So, I saw this meme over at Average Jane's place and decided to tag myself.

A. Attached or single? Married
B. Best friend? My husband
C. Cake or pie? fruit pie, warm with ice cream. Or my sister's home-made lemon pie.

D. Day of choice? any day I wake up and find myself alive and able to function
E. Essential item? a computer
F. Favorite color? a certain shade of blue (like the sky at it's bluest)
G. Gummy bears or worms? Eww, I'll pass on both.
H. Hometown? My parents moved a lot, and I lived in Iowa for the first years of my life. But I claim Eagleville, Missouri, and Kansas City as my home towns.
I. Indulgence? The hot tub that should show up here this week
J. January or July? July
K. Kids? two
L. Life isn’t complete without? my husband, a dog, a horse
M. Marriage date? June 16, 1966
N. Number of brothers & sisters? One brother, now deceased; one sister
O. Oranges or apples? apples
P. Phobias? I've never had a drivers license because I'm afraid to drive
Q. Quotes? "It's gonna be a good day, Tater."
R. Reasons to smile? waking up in the morning. If I started to list all my reasons to smile, they'd take up this whole entry and then some. I am blessed.
S. Season of choice? spring
T. Tag seven peeps! Nope; do it if you like.
U. Unknown fact about me? I've been blogging for five years; how could there be any unknown fact about me?
V. Vegetable? potatoes
W. Worst habits? procrastination
X. X-ray or ultrasound? X-ray
Y. Your favorite food? pizza, Kentucky Fried Chicken (if all the KFC's around here weren't so dirty).
Z. Zodiac sign? Cancer

1 comment:

Muhd Imran said...

A Cancer just like Wifey and I... something we have in common.

A good list... I am always learning new things about you. Never a dull moment. You are definitely blessed!