Friday, August 29, 2008

A milestone for Cliff's sister

Rena, Cliff's sister, has had her share of trying times this year. She's been through a divorce that wasn't in her plans; she moved from Wisconsin to Missouri; and she went to school to study for her GED. Oh, and she got a job immediately after moving. She's been a busy gal.

She took the GED test almost three weeks ago, and has been on pins and needles, hoping she passed, yet afraid she hadn't.

Today we got the good news: She passed! At the age of almost fifty-nine, she's officially equal to a high school graduate. Her brother, my husband Cliff, was forty-eight when he reached that milestone.

Of course, a celebration was required; so we went to the Mexican restaurant at Lexington . (Cliff has that silly expression because I caught him in mid-chew.)

Rena's next plans? She hopes to get a better job, now that she has her certificate. And she has signed up for a beginner's motorcycle class because...

She wants to buy a motorcycle!

You just can't keep some folks down.


Rachel said...

Good for her! I like the motorcycle idea too. I think they are fun. Dangerous, but fun!

One in Ten said...

I am so happy for her getting her G E D
after my marriage of almost 22 years ended I was so scared
all I could tell my ex after we got divorced on dec.23 was this was the best present he ever gave me in 22 years for christmas !!!!!! my friends even gave me a divorce party !

Midlife Mom said...

A HUGE Maine style congratulations to Rena!!!! That is a job well done! My FIL didn't get his GED until he was in his 50's and went on to do some college classes and run his business. Now he has an honorary phd from the college where he took some classes. We tease him and call him Dr. and when is he going to open his practise! He loves it. Tell Rena I said GOOD JOB, the poor gal has had a tough year and deserves some good things to happen.
I HATE rebates too!

China Pattern said...

Please give Rena a big old high five from me! ^5 She should be very, very proud of her accomplishment and for setting the example that education is important both.

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Good for you Rena!!!! Not only congrats for the GED (which is so so much "tougher" than many people realize) but congrats also for finding a job. Jobs are so so hard to find here...thankful you found a job and have a diploma to boot!

May this new chapter in your life become a special and blessed time in your life.

Muhd Imran said...


It is wonderful to keep improving oneself.

It's inspiring to see someone so strong and resourceful... with good brains too, to keep enjoying life.

A true winner.

Anonymous said...

Job well done Rena!! Better late than never. And you were afraid you wouldn't pass...tesk...tesk.


Toni said...

Oh! My! Gosh!
I'm sooooo proud of her and I don't even know her. That is a WONDERFUL accomplishment. You go, Rena!!!

CrackerJacks said...

You've been given a blog award!
Visit Izzy 'N Emmy for more details!

Spyder said...

Tell Rena I said Congrats! She's braver than me if she wants to drive a motorcycle.

Rich said...

Congrats to Rena! That is truly an accomplishment and we should all be motivated by that. I know I am. It's funny how I ran across this post but I'm glad I did.