Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Expensive toys

I recently blogged about breaking my Ipad on St. Patrick's Day.  I contacted Apple, paid for the fix with my credit card, and waited.  First they sent me a well-padded box for shipping it to them.  Actually, it arrived the day after I called.  I guess the whole process from start to finish took about a week.  I did not get my original Ipad mini back; I could have, but it would have taken longer.  I chose to have a rebuilt one sent in its place.  

Evidently the battery in my old one was getting tired, because the new one holds a charge at least twice as long.  So I'm happy about that.  

Once I had it in my hot little hands, I wanted to see if there was a way to assure that my clumsiness wouldn't make me go through this costly process again.  

Several people on Facebook recommended the Otterbox, a case that protects devices such as mine.  I took them at their word and ordered one.  

There it is, enclosing my Ipad.  I'd almost guarantee that if I dropped that, my Ipad would be safe.  Of course, I can't see or use the Ipad, because it's totally covered, front and back.  

So I remove the cover, which is also a stand for the Ipad (that I will never use , because the Ipad is always in my lap when I use it).  With the cover off I can surf, take pictures, and so on.  The question Cliff and I ask is this:  At those times I am actually USING the Ipad (that would be MOST of the time), how much protection is the Otterbox without the top cover?  I'm sure it is SOME protection, but...  

At least I am trying to protect it.  

But wait!!!!  That smart case for which I paid $70 that puts my Ipad to sleep when I shut it?  I can't use it now.  The Ipad does go to sleep after being idle for five minutes, though.  

Life is full of questions, isn't it?  One doesn't always know whether her decisions are right.  


Margaret said...

Anything will help, but most especially, not dropping it. ;)


Protection reduces the odds of something breaking, but isn't 100% effective. But what you've done helps a lot. ENJOY! Love the pink color.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm not sure what my grand kids have but it is a protective cover around their iPads that stays on while they use it. I know it works. I had thought it was an Otterbox, but looking at yours, it has to be something else. I'll have to find out now what it is and if I do I'll let you know.

Fleta said...

I haved the grandkids IPad Mini in and Otterbox and it has a protective cover that goes over the screen also, completely protecting the mini. Does yours not have a cover for the screen?

The kids use theirs pretty rough and the Otterbox has protected it completely, so far anyway. But,then, theirs completely encloses the mini with the screen cover.

Donna said...

It has a cover, which I am holding in my hand in the first picture. But you can't leave it on when you are USING the Ipad, and when you are using it is when it is likeliest to break.

Fleta said...

The otterbox we got had a clear plastic screen as the top cover and solid plastic case, back and sides in one piece. The Mini goes INSIDE the entire case, and is completely enclosed within the case with clear plastic top screen. It was a bear to get it all put together and a bear to get the Mini out of the case. Then, it has a thick rubberized 'skin' that slips around the outside of the solid case for added protection. It would not completely protect the screen, but it is really tough and the kids toss theirs around like it is a football sometimes. It has survived several drops on the floor.