Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A discussion we had this evening

I mentioned to Cliff that, since tomorrow is the day his social security comes in, we might go do a little shopping.  

"But what about the baby?" he asked.  

"We have a car seat.  She'll probably sleep most of the time."

"But what if we were to have a wreck?"  

Here's the thing:  Over the weekend, there was a wreck in nearby Lexington.  A ten-year-old fifth-grader from our local school died as a result.  Cliff and I discussed at the time how awful it would be to be the driver in a wreck that killed somebody's child.  It makes a person think about the responsibility involved when you have someone else's child in your care.  

But as I told my husband, we can't just stop living our lives.  We will likely have this child in our lives at least until she is two years old, maybe longer.  Are we going to suspend our lives for four days a week while she is here?  Of course we could do our shopping on the three days that we aren't babysitting, but I think we might miss out on some valuable experiences with the Little Princess if we just stay home.  Think of the places that we could take a little girl, places she would enjoy!  There are merry-go-rounds to ride!  

He agreed.  So yes, we will both put on our big girl panties (don't tell Cliff I said that) and venture out into the big world.


Margaret said...

I won't tell you about what happened around here recently. It was horrific. But anything can happen anytime, so we DO have to go on living our lives. No way to predict or control. (I WISH!!)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's true, we never can predict what will happen. Life goes on no matter what. I feel better just staying at home when I have my grandkids over, but that's me. Hope you enjoy your day what ever you decide to do.


Life is full of challenges and surprises. We never know what is around the next corner. You have to live your life, come what may.