Monday, April 21, 2014

Here's how you know a real cowgirl when you see one

The little princess' mom was here tonight after work, feeding the horses.  After awhile, she came to the house to get some warm water.

"I'm going to clean Huck's sheath," she said.

I know what is involved in that process.  Blue needed it done one time.  I called a vet, who sedated him for the process.  The whole thing scares me, just thinking about it, and Amber is only about five feet tall.  But she said she's done it before, and wasn't about to pay a vet $100 to do it.

"Have you ever been kicked while you were doing that?"

"Not yet."

She didn't object to my taking pictures, so I took two.

Would YOU put your hand up there?  Yuck!

Click HERE for an article explaining what Amber is feeling around for.

After pulling all kinds of gunk out of that gelding's junk, she finally found what she was looking for.  The bean.  "Got it," she said.

Here is a video explaining why and how.

Pioneer woman, I challenge you to top this!  Here we have a real cowgirl.  And I get to spend time with her baby girl three or four days a week.



A real cowgirl, indeed. Not sure I could do it.

Celeste Sanders said...

another reason why I have mares

Lori said...

I know it's done and why, but I've never before seen it done.