Saturday, April 05, 2014

A conversation with Direct TV.

Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  Hi, my name is Piluchi C. (ID 100254708). How are you today?

DONNA WOOD:  confused

Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  Hi there Donna! I am sorry to learn that but I will be glad to help you with your bill.

Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  Thanks! It shows here that you've rightsized from CHOICE to SELECT package on 02/19/2014.

DONNA WOOD:  Shouldn't that be cheaper?

Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  Please know that with CHOICE, you're getting a $20 discount for 12 months on your account. However, since you've changed to SELECT, you also lost the $20 discount.

DONNA WOOD:We are retired on a fixed income, we cannot afford this.

Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  Yes, SELECT package is supposed to be cheaper by $17 per month

.Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  I understand. I'll check available offers for you, just a moment please.

DONNA WOOD:  I feel I have been ripped off

DONNA WOOD:  OK, thanks

Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  You're most welcome, my pleasure!

DONNA WOOD:  Even if I could just go back to my $65 plan, that would be better than having to pay more money for less service

Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  Thanks for waiting. Don't worry, I have a great news for you. I see that I can apply a $5 discount on your base package for 12 months. With this, you can save a $60 without changing anything from your package. Will you accept this offer?

DONNA WOOD:  So what would my bill be?

Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  I understand your concern. If you'll accept this offer, your bill would be $64.99/month, net of taxes.

DONNA WOOD:  So I'll be paying $65 a month again, but getting less service.  
Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  I understand that the cost is of great importance as well as your service with us. I can make it $10 discount for 12 months, starting your next month's bill.

Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  How does that sound?

DONNA WOOD:  That takes it down to $60.99, but taxes will be added on,

Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  Yes, it shows that the tax is only $0.35

.DONNA WOOD:  OK, I'll settle for that now if that will also change my present bill

.Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  I'm sorry, any changes incurred after your bill was printed on 04/05 will be reflected on next month's bill.

Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  You can see it later by signing into your DIRECTV account online at After signing into your account, select "Billing Center and Transactions" and scroll to the left page to see the recent activity.

DONNA WOOD:  I am being taken advantage of, in my opinion.  I am not happy with this, and will be considering my options.

Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  I'm really sorry about this. Please know that when you accepted the $20 discount for 12 months offer with agreement, you're required to maintain a certain level of programming (CHOICE)

DONNA WOOD:  Old people sometimes don't understand what they are getting into.  We live month to month on social security, and things like this make it hard for us

.Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  I understand.

DONNA WOOD:No, you don't.

Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  Since our best programming offers are usually online, I suggest registering to email alerts. Just log in to your online account at and change your preferences under the "My Email Preferences" section of your My Profile page. You will be able to subscribe to our monthly DIRECTV newsletter, as well as select other interests so that we can send you timely information for other programming, products, and services.

DONNA WOOD:  That isn't going to help us at all

Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  This feature will let you check available discounts on your account.
Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  In the future

.DONNA WOOD:  information about products is no good if it's going to cost us more money to switch to a cheaper plan.  It would only trick me again into trying to get a cheaper bill

.Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  DIRECTV takes great pride in being ranked number one in customer service. However, it sounds like your recent experience did not meet our expectations. I have forwarded your concerns onto management for review.
DONNA WOOD:  Well I hope I can get some sort of satisfaction.  

Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  I can give you SHOWTIME UNLIMITED® 1 Month Free starting today

DONNA WOOD:  NO!!!!!  we hardly watch movies!
DONNA WOOD:  Movies don't help with our budget.

Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  I understand. Please know that I just added a $10 discount for 12 months on your account, that is a total savings of $120.

DONNA WOOD:  Yeah.  Whatever.
DONNA WOOD:  It's no savings.  It's more than I was paying before I switched, so I am saving NOTHING.

Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  I'm really sorry if you feel that way. This is not the type of experience we want you to have. Our Customer Service agents are highly trained to meticulously examine the details of each account that they handle and explain these details to our customers in order to prevent issues such as this one.
Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  You was advised of the package requirement when you accepted the $20 discount for 12 months offer on your account

.DONNA WOOD:  Oh right, and I am supposed to remember that at the age of 70.  I do well to remember where I put my shoes.

Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  I hear your sentiments Donna. Rest assured that I've forwarded your concern to our Management.

Piluchi C. (ID 100254708) DIRECTV:  I encourage you to please call us at 1-800-531-5000 everyday between 8:00 AM to 1:00 AM ET to check on any special deals for your account if you're still not satisfied with the offer given.

DONNA WOOD:  I'm sure a phone call would get the same results I'm getting from this chat.  


Margaret said...

The Direct TV people come by in my neighborhood frequently to try to woo me and I don't trust them. They're all about the savings, but then when I corner them about installation charges and other stuff, they get quite flustered. I'll just keep what I have, which is probably too expensive, but I'm used to it. (bundled comcast phone, TV and internet)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have cable and not direct tv but still get confused. I recently took one of their packages to reduce my bill by 10 dollars a month but I have to remember it's only for a year so next year before March 17th I need to remember to check in with them or my bill will go up considerably. I talked to 5 people before I got one I could understand at all. And it was the 6th and 7th persons that took care of what needed to be done correctly. I spent the whole day on the phone it seems. I wish they made it simpler for sure!


The cost of these bills is ridiculous, for sure. I understand your frustration. We have Time Warner Cable and although we have been customers for 25 years, they give the discounts to NEW customers only and us old timers are left holding the bag.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Good luck. We did the Direct TV thing. Got caught up in a loop where "service" would tell me my plan and options was $50 something tax, title and all....but billing kept billing me $70 something. I called them both for three months straight trying to get it straightened out. It's like the one cannot talk to the other! I finally paid what sales told me for those months and cut it off.

Pauline Kokemiller said...

We bartered our Direct TV down to $20. a month on Classic. We were paying $70. a month. They gave us two months free and we just got our first bill from them and it was $26. My husband called in telling them that he could only pay $20. and that is what they had promised, they also gave us a couple months of free movies, which we don't watch anyway, so we cancelled them at this time. They told us that we didn't have to pay this months bill and next month it would be $20. And that they were sorry. Direct TV will take advantage of you if they think that they can. In your conversation with them you said, you were confused, elderly and so on. You have just told them that they can take advantage of you. To barter you have to tell them what you are willing to pay for a service or item. Then they will come down a little. You have to be firm about what you are willing to pay and then they will switch you over to the Retaining Department where you should be able to make the deal that you want. If they want to give you free movies, take it. Just remember to cancel when the time is up. That's my advice. This is what has worked for us. PS. You can not request to talk to the Retaining Department. Good Luck.

small farm girl said...

Get a Roku. Paid $50 once. Then I can get alllllll kinds of shows and movies. Most are free!

Lori said...

I enjoyed reading this. It reminds me of something I would read on Craigslist. We have TWC, which was Insight Communications up until a couple of months ago. So far we haven't had any changes made, but I go over that bill carefully every month, you can be sure.