Sunday, April 13, 2014

Now THAT'S country

Cliff loves Gene Watson.  We see him all the time on Country's Family Reunion.  We loved him in the late 70's and early 80's.
 I found out Gene Watson was going to be performing in Chillicothe, Missouri, April 13th.  When I told Cliff, he said, "Now THAT'S one guy I would go see in person."  

You know what comes next.  I ordered the tickets.  Today was the show, and it was not disappointing.  Gene Watson is a few months older than I am, but he sounds the same as he did when he had all those hits.  He put on a great show, telling stories about his songs and clowning around with his band.  I had the best time ever. 

Before that, though, we went to church this morning, since the show didn't start until 3 PM.  Not everybody in our little town is doing great.  One very special fellow who attends church with us had a valve replacement that didn't go as well as it should have, and his condition is serious.  In nearby Lexington, there was a wreck yesterday in which a ten-year-old fifth-grader from our local school was killed.  

I really loved  watching Gene Watson sing his hits with my husband beside me, but I promise you that in the back of mind I was thinking, "A child died yesterday.  "Wayne is in serious condition."  

So while I was having a good time, there was a part of me that was sad and worried, and I prayed.

Oh yes, and on the way to Chillicothe, thanks to my Ipad, I found out some nutcase decided to try and shoot some Jews, across the state line in Kansas.  He killed three people.  Only one of them, as it turns out, was actually a Jew. 

So there was that, and I prayed about that situation too.  

Folks, life isn't all a bed of roses.  We can't just shut out the bad things and pretend they don't exist.  Enjoy every minute, but never forget that people are suffering.  

(Got up this morning and saw on the news that NONE of the people killed were Jewish).


Margaret said...

In the midst of life, we are in death. It's a great quote and so true. There are so many suffering and no one can predict what is around the corner. Still, we have to enjoy the moments and it sounds like you did!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are so right. While we may be having a great day there are those that are suffering. It's a given that we never know from moment to moment what will happen next. We have to be grateful for the good times for sure.

Anonymous said...

Love Gene Watson! And you're so right we can't shut out the bad but I wish we could : )


You are right about the suffering. Carrying the weight of the world can be difficult at times. I'm glad you found a few moments to enjoy yourself at the concert.

Lori said...

Very sad. I'm glad you guys got to see Gene Watson though. You have to enjoy times like that when the opportunity comes up. There will always be nuts like the one who shot those people, and as long as we imperfect, there will be illnesses and accidents.