Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I should have known

We (OK, I) made plans to go to the Kansas City St. Patrick's Day parade.  The daughter's two girls accompanied us, as well as one granddaughter's boy friend.  I mentioned that morning on Facebook that perhaps going to the St. Patrick's Day parade wasn't the best idea while the moon was full, but we (I) charged ahead.  

We parked the car, walked about 10 blocks, and found a decent spot.  I got my Ipad out to take a picture to send to Facebook to let all my friends know we were in the midst of the excitement.  

I dropped the Ipad.  

Yeah.  I did.  Now, looking online, everybody said it costs so much to have an Ipad fixed that you would be better off buying a new one.  It does cost plenty ($219), but to replace my Ipad Mini, the cost would be $429.  

Apple will send me the packaging and labels I need to send it to them.  It's all set up, and within ten days I should be in business.  I hope I'll be more cautious next time I go to a parade.    


Margaret said...

I HATE it when I do stuff like that. Thankfully, it's fixable, but the cost-OH, WOW!!


It'll be a long wait, but worth it, to get it back good as new. So sorry to hear you did this to your IPad. I know how much you love it.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope it gets all fixed up and back to you soon!