Saturday, March 22, 2014

The boys have been moved

The Jersey calf boys, that is.  Here's where they had been living:
These quarters were serving them well, but we wanted them to get used to a bigger space.  

I keep them separated overnight, and for an hour or so after the morning feeding, in hopes they don't get to sucking one another's ears, naval, or whatever else occurs to them.  

Jethro on the left, Homer on the right.  These boys are the same age, but there is a huge size difference.  I chose little bitty Homer to be our bull and Cliff castrated Jethro.  Why did I want a small bull?  Because I love small Jersey cows and I'm hoping his babies are small-framed.  The boys are eating lots of sweet feed in addition to their two bottles a day of milk replacer.  They have about a sack and a half of milk replacer left to finish before I wean them from the bottle.  That will probably be mid-April.    

There is something going on behind the scenes here at Woodhaven Acres that I won't talk about until it actually comes to pass, although it appears to be a sure thing.  It's a good thing for all involved, or at least I hope it is.    


Margaret said...

Ooh, I'm very curious now! If it's a good thing, I hope it definitely comes to pass.


Jethro and Homer are cute. I hope whatever is happening there behind the scenes is good for you.

Fleta said...

Oh, I bet you are leaving Cliff for a newer, younger mate and running off to some foreign island paradise. Better delete this before Cliff finds out about your plans.

krueth said...

Oh, your little boys are so darn cute! Wendy

Lori said...

I like your Jersey Boys!