Sunday, March 16, 2014

All's well that ends well

Friday was a fantastic day for us:  Several relatives came by, some for the whole day and some for just a little while.  I did, indeed, serve cheeseburgers as planned, with a side of potato salad.  We were were out of most anything I could have made dessert with, but we always have ice cream in the freezer.  So there WAS dessert.  The reason we were having a gathering on a Friday was that Don's wife was putting a headliner in Cliff's brother's (Phil's) Mercury.  Any excuse for a reunion, right?  

Cliff's sister gave him a haircut to start the day.  

Mary spread the headliner on a table in the warm end of the shop, so it would be pliable.

Grandson Arick showed up.  And then, a couple of unexpected guests came calling:  

Our little princess and her mommy!  Amber came for the purpose of delivering diapers and a car seat for our use, but she hung around for quite a while, so everybody got to see why we are putty in that baby's hands.  Their visit was the icing on the cake.  

Cliff latched onto the baby immediately.  

Phil arrived to help Mary with the headliner on his car.  He was having a hard time breathing, so we were all after him to sit down and take it easy.  Poor guy has COPD, even though he never smoked in his life.  He has several health issues that keep us worrying about him.  

Doesn't look like fun, does it?  Mary worked on this all day.  Phil has to come over and do some more stuff to it before I can take a picture and show the finished product.  

Don's son, Bryan, rode over on his motorcycle.  

Don's oldest son, Scott, brought his recently acquired tractor.  His dad and Cliff helped him put a new hood on it.  

That's Cliff's white hair you see up above the hood.  

The son-in-law came by after he got off work, and he and Arick got together to talk guns.  He's showing off a tiny pistol, his latest purchase.

So yes, it was a fun, full day.  I think people were here at 8 A.M., and Scott was the last to leave about twelve hours later.  We had a great visit with him when all the others were gone.  Don came back Saturday, since the ladies were shopping, but he and Cliff mostly just chewed the fat.  


Back Porch Writer said...

Looks and sounds like a fun day. Except for those having to work hard. lol

Hollie said...

Fun day indeed!! Nothing better than times like that!! That little princess just melts my heart!!

Jean said...

You can tell that little sweetie loves Cliff. Looks like you had a nice day.


Looks like you had a WONDERFUL time. The baby and Cliff were precious together. I understand about poor Phil. My husband has COPD that is progressively getting worse. It is something to worry about, for sure.

Margaret said...

It looks like a wonderful time and I love the photo of Cliff with the baby. Precious. COPD(and even lung cancer) can have environmental causes also; the lungs are fragile and never forget. :( In Patt's case, it was a combo of working with lots of fumes and paint in his job (without wearing a mask a lot of the time) and smoking--but I tend to think the toxic materials he worked with played a large role.

Angela said...

That little baby is SO sweet!