Thursday, March 13, 2014

Just color me CONFUSED

Maybe all men that do this sort of thing.  Or maybe all in-laws.  

Cliff has been planning for quite some time on his brother coming this Friday to work on something-or-other in the shop.  His brother's oldest boy, Scott, is coming, too.  I'm fixing cheeseburgers.  Simple, easy, and we have lots of ground beef.  And who doesn't like cheeseburgers.  I hate messing with big dinners these days.  It'll just be me and four guys, right (Don, Scott, Cliff, and Phil)?  Maybe five if the grandson shows up.  

Donald and his wife spend the nights at Cliff's sister's these days when they're in the area, so I assume he will be coming out from there tomorrow morning; his wife and their sister are probably going shopping, since that's what they usually do.  

But this morning Cliff said something about Donald coming Saturday.  
"What?  All this time you have been saying Friday!  Scotty is coming Friday, he told me on Facebook." 

"Oh really?  I talked to Rena (his sister) yesterday and she asked if she could bring something Saturday."  

Oh great.  Now somebody expects me to cook a banquet on Saturday... or is it Friday?  

Cliff called Donald and asked when he was coming to our house.  "Friday," Don told him.  


Cliff then called his brother Phil, who is going to have Don's wife put a head-liner in his classic car while they are here.  

"When is Don planning to put the headliner in your car?"  

"Friday or Saturday," Phil said.  

So Cliff has talked to three siblings about the timing, and I know less than I knew before.    

All I have to say is, if somebody intends to show up Saturday without letting me know, they had better bring pizza.


Hyperblogal said...

OK, pizza it is. I'll take the prime rib back.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Just plan on making a big pot of soup Saturday. If the crowd doesn't materialize you can always freeze the leftovers, and if they do, you can make a pan of cornbread to complete the meal.

But pizza sounds great to me too, and a lot less effort on your part. ;-)

Jon said...

I would hate to admit that men are extremely annoying, but we often are. It's not purposeful. Honest.

Make the cheeseburgers on Friday. Tell them to get food at KFC on Saturday.

And tell your Saturday guests "Wow, you should have been here yesterday. We had cheeseburgers."

Hey,I'll show up on ANY day if you make cheeseburgers.


Jon cracked me up when he said to tell the people who show up on Saturday, that you had cheeseburgers on Friday and they were good. I agree.

Margaret said...

I love pizza, so everyone should be good with that, right? Men can be too relaxed and expect that things to eat will "magically" appear without any seeming effort or preparation on our part. Yeah, sure.

Anita said...

You're not confused - they are! :)

Cheeseburgers on Friday and Pizza on Saturday sounds like a plan.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Both sound good to me. I'm hoping it all comes together for the good one way or the other.

Paula said...

I'm with you, who wants to cook when there are so many fun things to do in the country. Like watching the blooms, counting cow patties, listening to the birds tweet----

Hollie said...

Sounds like my side of the family!! Very frustrating!!