Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Stories about a baby

I want to point out a couple of things about the following video of the Little Princess.  First of all, you will hear her saying "Huh?" a lot.  Her mother thinks this counts as her first real word, because Cliff is practically deaf and says "huh?" or "what?" frequently.  Could be.  However she learned to say it, she has found that people respond to it.
I might say to her, "What are you doing?"
She says, "Huh?"
And I repeat, "What are you doing?"  It's a word that works for her.  You could actually say this is her first way of having a conversation, because no matter to whom she says it, they will say something back, if only an answering "Huh?"

So there's that.  The other thing to watch for is at the end of the video.  We have decided to teach her what "no" means, starting with only one thing:  The Direct TV equipment beneath the television.  What I've been doing is simply picking her up when she is near it and begins to reach up for it, saying "no", and putting her down in the middle of the floor.  She cries, I hug her, all is well.  Twice yesterday when she was reaching for it and I said no, she turned and looked at me and then turned her back on it and crawled away, so she is learning.  I didn't have to move her and she didn't cry.

I thought a video of her learning what "no" means would be a nice memory to have.  You will first see her stop to play with the electric heater we sometimes use for supplemental heat.  That thing is wonderful to have around a baby, because no external part of it ever gets hot, so there's no danger of anyone getting burned.  From the heater, she moves on toward the Direct TV boxes and reaches up toward the receiver.  I say no, she stops and looks over her shoulder at me.  I praise her for being so smart... and you know what ALWAYS happens when you brag about a child, right?  

She turns around and hits the receiver.  Notice a light comes on the receiver when she touches it.

After Baby went home, we decided to watch a little TV and had no signal; I ended up having to call our son so he could talk me through the process I needed in order to fix whatever that child did with ONE SIMPLE TOUCH.  And she did it all so innocently.  




Glad you were able to get the receiver going again so you could watch TV. She's a cutie pie for sure. And it's nice to know she's learning what NO means.

krueth said...

Cute how her little head shakes no as you tell her no...ha! But they do what they want sometimes don't they? I have a daycare and kids are kids...LOL She is so cute though Wendy