Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring will not be denied

I ventured outside yesterday.  It was pretty cold, but after awhile I realized that if I'm waiting for warm weather, I may be house-bound for quite a while yet.  I planted a row of snap peas and sprayed the fruit trees.  

Obviously, the old peach tree is waking up.  

Large portions of the old peach tree have died and been trimmed off.  Cliff and I find it amazing that although this main limb seems to be dead, there are two small branches coming out of it with lots of buds on them.  Sometimes there is more life in a living being than one might suspect.  

The buds on the old-fashioned lilac are swelling.  

Later on, I got down on the ground and used Gracie as a pillow.  She insisted on licking me with her rougher-than-sandpaper tongue.  

This afternoon I took another stroll in the pasture.  The horses are grazing frequently.  The cows try, but they don't have the kind of teeth that can nip the grass off right at the ground.  In fact, cows have no front teeth on top at all, so they need the grass to be a couple inches tall to really get a big bite.  

It feels even colder today, I think, than yesterday.  However, the sun is shining, and that's always a big plus.  


Hollie said...

Love seeing the first signs of Spring. It's been a rainy cold day here as well. The wild is blowing making it colder. Oh Spring where are you? Love the picture of you with Gracie!

krueth said...

Oh, how I long to see new buds getting ready to burst forth, and for green grass to start to grow. We just had about 8 inches of snow on Friday and its not warming up enough to melt anything. The next warm weather is Wed and Thurs and that's only up to 31 degrees. Ugh! So, to look at your photo's is great and gives me Hope that spring will eventually arrive up here in Northern Minnesota. Cute picture of you with Gracie too. She loves you just as much as you love her. :-) Wendy


Love the SELFIE of you and Gracie. It's sweet.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Loved seeing your picture that is a keeper for sure! Our ground at home is still frozen no chance of any planting going on yet.

Margaret said...

The sunshine always makes it feel warmer and improves my mood. Hope for some spring for you soon! I am eagerly awaiting the blooming of my tulips, but the rain is coming back tomorrow, so that might delay them even more. :(

Lori said...

My lilac is budding out nicely, and I have some plants coming up. It's chilly here today, but we're supposed to have a warm up in a couple of days.

Matt said...

Lovely post.