Saturday, February 01, 2014

No surprises in my DNA

As one of many Christmas gifts to myself, I got a DNA kit from, spit in a little tube, and sent it off.  The results were in today, and the only real surprise was that I did not get my curly hair from any African-American ancestor, something I often wondered about.  
  All of the research my cousin, Pauline, has done on my maternal family tree leads straight back to England, so this seems to bear that out.  "Europe West" includes Germany, and Daddy was always talking about Uncle somebody-or-other who was mostly German; nobody has taken his family tree back very far.  

I watched a video explaining that Scandinavian, for instance, could show up in the DNA of those who came through Great Britain, due to patterns of migration.  

Of course, it could all be a big rip-off, but I choose to think it's legitimate.  

Changing the subject:  The way I keep water in the chicken house in freezing weather like we're having now is to switch buckets as often as necessary.  I bring the frozen one in to thaw and take out a bucket of water with a rock in it.  The rock is necessary because chickens will try to roost on the edge of the ice-cream bucket.  If there isn't something heavy in there, they tip it over and have no water to drink.  I never said chickens were smart.  You can buy an electric heater-pad to put a chicken waterer on so it won't freeze, but I prefer to do a little walking a few times a day rather than run my electric bill any higher than it already is.    


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How neat to have your DNA done like that. What a wonderful gift to yourself.

Leilani Lee said...

I have been wanting to do the DNA thing for some time. My brother believes some of our ancestors were Jews from Eastern Europe who changed their names when they came to the U.S. Perhaps the DNA thing would be a good way to find out.

Jean said...

They can do wonders now and it could be right. I have been thinking about getting my dogs DNA to see what breeds I have, but the COST isn't cheap. My children and I have been researching our Ancestry, but we haven't gotten out of the USA. Yes, I have given up. Lol. I haven't thought about my DNA. Take care, Jean.

Margaret said...

That sounds super interesting. I think it would be interesting for my girls to do it. Their paternal grandmother was adopted and we've always wondered about her ancestry.

Anita said...

It would have been pretty cool if you'd had some African ancestry. :) When I see white people with tight curls or waves, or full lips, I wonder. It easier to know if black people have Caucasian ancestry; the biggest indicator being light or medium brown skin instead of dark brown skin, although it could be a Native American mix. My husband would be interested in this test. I might get it for him because I never know of a good gift to give him. Thanks for the tip. :)

As for your giving your chickens water and keeping it from spilling - I've learned another thing about farm life today!

Jon said...

Hey, as long as you're not related to Obama, everything is okay (*big smile here*).

I've heard of these DNA tests from and they are supposed to be legitimate.


WOW I didn't know you could get a DNA kit from Ancestory. Com. That sounds like a fun thing to do, for sure.