Sunday, February 02, 2014

Various things, including FASHION REVIEWS

Have I mentioned the price of propane?  There's a shortage, if you haven't heard it on the news; I don't know what our people are charging right now, but some people are paying as high as $5 a gallon.  At night I turn the thermostat down to 60.  Daytime, I try to keep it at 62, but sometimes wimp out and turn it up to 63 or 64, never higher.  Next time I'm at Walmart I intend to find some insulated underwear to wear under my sweats around home.  

Speaking of underwear (ha!):  I once blogged about Cliff's underwear, which some of his lady cousins found great fodder for discussion when we gathered at the next reunion.  He never, ever, wore any brand of T-shirts and whitie-tighties except Penny's Stafford brand, because that's how him mom raised him.  However, in the past three or four years the quality of Penny's clothing has deteriorated badly.  So we began searching for something else.  We went through all the brands you see advertised, but they were very thin:  Around home, Cliff's uniform is white t-shirt and overalls or jeans, and he likes a heavier shirt.  

We have been buying his socks at Sam's Club for ages, so I suggested we check out T-shirts there.  I would much rather be telling you about Costco, but they didn't have anything of the quality that Sam's Club has in the way of socks and shirts.  Ten pairs of wonderful, thick socks with tops that never give out for under $10, and six T-shirts as thick as the ones we paid a small fortune for at Penny's for under $18:  I'd say those are bargain prices.  The T-shirts are a little longer than Cliff likes, but otherwise they are perfect.  Guess where we'll be looking for men's briefs next time he needs them?  

And then there's the problem with bib overalls.  Cliff prefers Big Smith brand, but the quality of those has been sliding downhill for a long time while the prices climbed higher ($35).  The stitching is uneven, ravels hang here and there... but no other brands had a fit that appealed to him.  I searched the Internet, but found nothing that seemed to fill the bill until a Google search led me to Carhartt.  We are both familiar with their tan, lined coveralls, but I had not realized that Carhartt made blue, unlined overalls.  The price is higher, a little over $50.  But we know Carhartt quality and believe this is a case of "you get what you pay for".  I gritted my teeth and ordered a pair from Sears, and hallelujah, we scored again!  He likes them.

The old weight still refuses to leave our bodies:
  That's how the whole month of January went, and it appears February will follow suit.  Up and down. *sigh* 


Helen said...

With these blood thinners I have to use lately I have been freezing. I do turn my heat higher while Ken sheds any kind of shirt.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The lowest I turn my heat down is 68 degrees but then I heat with gas not propane. I still wear my long johns when it gets down close to zero. This old house is drafty to say the least . When I sit down to read or watch tv I have a throw that is like an electric blanket and I turn it on and keep warm. My oldest son and his wife got it for me one year when we were camping and I never used it much then, but do use it a lot here at home in the winter. I love Sam's Club and often have thought it was the only way I fed my big family when they were all home. They do have great prices. Hope it warms up there for you soon!

Anita said...

Thanks for the reminder of how high my heating bill will be. Maybe I won't gasp as loudly as I usually do when I forget the consequences of cold weather and keeping the thermostat at 72. After I see the bill, we might have to invest in some long johns, too!

Your underwear story reminds me of how my father always had to have Fruit of the Loom. :)

Hang in there with the weight.

Margaret said...

It is hard when you love the way a particular product fits/works and then you can't find it! Glad you figured it out. I have gas heat which isn't an issue, except that it used to be cheaper than it is. Our winter has been relatively mild though and I'm thankful for that. Stay warm!!


My husband loves CARHARTT, particularly the socks. The coverall should be good.

Hyperblogal said...

I'm now wondering if you're not cold in the top picture, but, rather, hiding your identity.