Saturday, February 22, 2014


Baby Cora came down with a stomach virus Sunday.  She had all the symptoms you would expect from such a malady.  Monday night her daddy woke up with the same symptoms, and by Tuesday morning, her mom was also in distress.  Wednesday morning her mom called and asked if we could watch her; we generally ask for her once a week anyway, so it was fine with us.  

Cora was a little below par, but done with the vomiting and diarrhea.  In fact, she was downright playful, glad to see us as always.  Her Iowa grandma came to pick her up that afternoon.  She was taking her back to Iowa while the parents recuperated.  
Thursday evening Cliff and I went to a basketball game at the local school to see a granddaughter receive recognition for her participation in band.  We were feeling on top of the world.  

Sometime around midnight, Cliff woke me up saying, "Get me something to puke in."  

I did that and crawled back in bed, listening to the retching.  After about five minutes of that, I thought, "I don't feel so good either!"  

We spent the rest of the night taking turns in the bathroom.  

We were both sick all day Friday.  I will have to tell you that Cliff was much, much sicker than I:  He lost seven pounds in two days, while I lost one pound.  That should tell you something.  Actually, I envy him that, since we have been struggling to get back down to our goal weight since January 1st.  He made his goal, I didn't. 

I woke up this morning feeling much better, although I did make the mistake of drinking two cups of coffee to get rid of my caffeine withdrawal headache.
I traded a headache for an upset stomach
This morning I found out that little Cora also infected her Iowa grandmother and her local grandma.  Lord only knows who else!  As I told Adam, her dad, "One day with Cora is worth two days of puking any time."  

Because we didn't get to the store as planned, we ran out of bread (Cliff eats toast when he has tummy problems).  I asked my daughter to please bring bread, but instructed her to tell whoever brought it NOT to come in, just leave the bread by the back door.  I disinfected the doorknobs for them.  Here's what my daughter posted on Facebook:  Natalie just made the stomach flu equivalent of a drug drop. She took a loaf of bread to Donna and Clifford's house, held her breath as she opened the sanitized door knob, sat the bread inside the door, and left in a hurry.

We'll skip Church tomorrow, because Cora gave us this bug when she seemed to be over the virus.  I am not taking chances of giving this plague to someone else, no matter how well I might feel tomorrow.


Margaret said...

I HATE throwing up...and that other part of it too. That is a very virulent bug. I hope none of the students bring it to my class!!


I understand exactly how you both feel. Unfortunately it has to run it's course. How you feel better soon.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That flu bug does get around. I got my flu shot and thankfully haven't had it, although some in my family have. Hope everyone is better soon.

Lori said...

I hope everyone is feeling much better now. So far we've managed to escape any type of stomach bug, but there are several around here who have had it.

Lisa said...

Hope you both are feeling better, kids are great germ spreaders .