Saturday, December 08, 2012

This is rough stuff, not for children

This woman lives in my county.  I am sick after watching this.


Forty Pound Sack said...

It's a sad, horrifying situation either way, but to be honest, I don't find this woman credible. I can't believe that so many people in so many areas of human services would conspire against her. And I have many family members in nursing, social work, and teaching. I have heard stories like this before, but never, ever have I heard of an abused child begging for more abuse. Of course, it's always hard to believe something so horrific. Whatever happened, I hope she and her daughter get whatever help they need.

Carlene Noggle said...

This was hard to watch. I can not stand the thought of a child being molested or hurt. To know that not one person came forward for this lady , but more importantly for t his little girl, is horrible. I pray that God will watch over this child.

Kevin Fierro said...

If what this woman said is true, at the very least there are some people that need to spend a lot of time in jail. There are one or two that need to be buried. I hope this family gets the help they need. Doesn't sound like they'll get it from the people who are obligated to "Protect and Serve."

Shell said...

CPS got involved in my first divorce on allegations of abuse reported by my former sister in law. She was a nurse, she explained, making her a mandatory reporter.

The thing is that there was never any abuse. I went through hell for over two years with those folks showing up at least once a month, every report closed as unfounded.

Now, you would think that they would give up at some point, right? The very last time I heard from them, I was so frustrated I wanted to scream. I insisted that the social worker take my son into his room and talk with him directly. He was quite articulate for four years old.

I asked her to interview him in private so that I couldn't somehow influence what he'd say. She apparently talked about his toys and books and having his own TV and VCR in his room... Then she said (and this was in the closure report), "B, you don't look like someone is hurting you." He brightened up and cheerfully said, "My mommy is hurting me. My daddy and Aunt Lisa said so!"

zztop357 said...

I'm going thru something similar with my grand daughter... Yes its tough. Social services do Not help the child, they are all about the parent.The boyfriend and his son was molesting my grand daughter.We are still going to court over this.
We have to take her out of school and drive 2 1/2 hours away to go to court and the judge continues it till march.I really think they are hoping that she and us will just forget about it. Not going to happen.
We got to see the taped interview she did when they come and got her, that has helped her memory. She is very angry and will not forget. I don't want her to forget. We and the therapist work with her a lot just to get over the fear, and now shes mad!!! Much better!! She is working her way back. She won't forget it, but now she is getting a chance to be a little girl.
She is now 10, when it started she was 7.She has been with us for over a year and shes completely different child now. She is 10 going on 30. Its hard for her because she knows to much. We have to make allowances for her behavior and knowledge.
It isn't easy, but its worth every minute and every $. This is our second child we have raised. We have her brother since birth. He is 17 and she is 10. My husband is 71 and I am 58. We just want to see them grow up healthy and have what they need. They have no use for their mother at all.
The lady on the video needs a judge in a different county to reopen the case.Never give up. Miracles do happen!!!

mom said...

There were varying degrees of guilt within the system. Some were innocent. Some were guilty but thought they were doing the right thing because of their training and because they assumed the intake reports they read were factual. Some were malicious and lied and omitted on purpose. Regardless of the level of guilt, all the professionals in my case contributed to destroying my family. I do have documented proof of what I say in my video. Unfortunately, you have to find a fair and just court and professionals before you can get justice. And about $200,000. I don't believe they were all out to get me. I do believe some were. They told me so.