Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A night out on the town

Yesterday forenoon a Facebook friend messaged me and said her neighbor had four tickets to see "The Acoustic Christmas Show".  The neighbor and her daughter were going, but that left two tickets.  Christine was invited, and she invited me along.  "I'll come and pick you up," she said.  
My first impulse was to say No, thank you.  I enjoy my evening routine:  The sun sets, I shower and put on my jammies and watch whatever we have recorded to DVR with Cliff.  I turn in between 9 and 10.  In fact, when this routine is broken, I have been known to whine about it.
I'm a stick in the mud, but I enjoy the rut I'm in.  However, I asked myself how many chances I get to do something like that and took her up on the offer.  I told her Cliff would take me to her house, so that would save her one trip.  
The show was free for anybody; all you had to do was take a new, unwrapped toy for the Salvation Army to give to children as Christmas gifts.  Because one of the ladies we were going with had won tickets, we didn't have to take toys, but the lady with the tickets took lots of them anyhow.  
The most recent country singer I have really cared about was Travis Tritt, and he was a has-been by the year 2000.  However, I did know a little bit about some of the performers on the stage.  Big and Rich, for instance:  Who hasn't heard "Ride a Horse, Save a Cowboy"?  Never really cared for their style, but hey, we're talking about a free show.  

After seeing them?  They are SO funny!  The show last night was laid-back, and yes, pretty much acoustic.  There was much story-telling between all the performers and some good-natured ribbing.  Imagine a few country singers sitting around the fireplace in one of their own homes, swapping stories and singing songs.  That's what it felt like, except for a few inebriated people in the audience around me.  But then if it had been taking place in one of their homes, I imagine there would have been a few drinks passed around, too. 

 The only other of the performers I had heard of was Kix Brooks, formerly of Brooks and Dunn.  He was my favorite of the evening.  Not only is he talented, but he comes off as being a really nice guy.  Yeah, I liked him a lot. 

 Randy Houser was there.  Never heard of him in my life, but he is talented and cute.  Had this not been so spur-of-the-moment,  I would have contacted my daughter ahead of time.  She could have told me a little about these modern country singers; I'm still living back in the Johnny Cash/Merle Haggard era, myself.   

And then there was Tyler Farr, a young man from Garden City, Missouri, who was simply overwhelmed to be sitting on the same stage with the other performers.
You can see a few pictures from the show HERE.  

Yes, my hum-drum routine was interrupted   I'm sleepy this morning.  But it was a good time!
Thanks, Christine, for thinking of me.   


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That was an exciting evening. Glad you got to go. I don't know much about many of the new singers either. But I do love country music.

Margaret said...

It sounds like a great way to break out of your routine!

krueth said...

Sounds like a really fun evening. Glad you decided to go along :-) Wendy

Rachel said...

Damn! Color me SO jealous!