Saturday, December 08, 2012

The picture I missed

This is not the picture I intended to take.  I noticed all my cows, as well as Adam's two horses, were out on the point, some lying down and some up, grazing.  From a distance I noticed Gracie, the little heifer in the foreground, snuggled up against another cow.  That's what I thought, until I got closer and realized Adam's quarter horse, Tude, was laying with his head up, and that's who Gracie was snuggled up against.  That isn't even normal!  I hurried to get the camera out of my pocket; I wanted evidence of this.
And just as I turned on the camera, Tude decided to roll, as horses do.  He practically rolled over on Gracie!
Gracie jumped up and ran a short distance away, wondering what happened.  I was laughing so hard.
But I missed the picture I was going to take.  Not only that, I missed getting a picture of Tude almost rolling on Grace.  
All I can do is show you this pathetic shot I took after all the action was over and all I can do is tell you what happened twenty seconds before I took it.  But if you know cows and horses, and how they interact as well as I do, you probably don't believe me.  I'm not even sure I believe me.  
Maybe I dreamed it.

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Paula said...

I believe you because I don't think you would knowingly tell a country untruth.