Saturday, December 01, 2012

cows and cats

I took this picture today from my back porch.  I posted it on Facebook, saying something about my "eight head of cattle".  And no, the herefords are not dead, just very relaxed.  Crystal, my newest addition, is in the background near Jody. 

Remley decided to have his usual fun with my picture:
Donna learned the hard way that when dumb city folk say they have six head of cattle for sale that's exactly what they mean.
A friend recently gave us a nice hay feeder, just the right size for George and Gracie.  They have been making use of it for a week or more.  When they are not eating out of it, someone else is using it to their advantage.

Those cats have not caught a single mouse since I had them neutered.  Mama Kitty caught a couple of sparrows a while back, but turned them loose alive.  This is how they spend their time now... laying on hay, and eating.  They have all fattened up considerably.  What a waste of money.  They show absolutely no appreciation for anything, they just give me and Cliff pompous looks as we pass by.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You do have a good sized herd now...sure hope those kitties get busy for you. This is the time of year that mice try to sneak in everywhere, even here in town.

Celeste Sanders said...

Quuit feeding them so good.

JOHN said...

I enjoy reading your blog.And really like the pictures,You have a good eye for photography. Stop by when your reading blogs.

Anita said...

Fat and happy cats. lol Don't 'cha just love'em though.

Your land is just as good as being at the State Fair! Great photos, including the body-less cows. :)

Cliff said...

The cats are neutered. I'd stop working too.