Saturday, December 22, 2012

Plumbers we're not

I hope all the following makes sense, since I don't know what the various parts of a faucet are called.
About three days ago, the plastic sprayer thing at my kitchen sink broke at the base.  Since that's what was holding the base with the faucets in place, the whole mess was moving around when I swiveled the faucet from the right sink to the left one.  It was a cheap faucet, as you might have figured out.  Cliff looked it over; I told him I could live with it like that for a few days if necessary.  Yesterday he bought a new sprayer thingie, planning to put it in the hole in the base where the old one was.  
When I got up this morning I decided to dip some pretzels in almond bark before Cliff got up.  I'm always up two or three hours ahead of him, and I planned to do quite a bit of Christmas cooking and baking today.  I was finishing dipping pretzels when he got up.  We ate breakfast and went on our walk.  Back at the house, Cliff decided to fix the faucet.
The sprayer he bought wasn't really made to be put on the base like the old one was, so Cliff rigged it.  He spend a couple of hours working on it and thought he had everything working, but later I checked and found out there was a leak under the sink.  Back to square one.  
I have learned that when Cliff is doing something like this, I mustn't hover.  He hates this sort of job anyway, and if I stay in the room with him I get on his nerves by suggesting things he might try (when I have no idea what I'm talking about), or worse yet, suggesting that maybe we should call a plumber.  I do, however, stay within earshot and let him know I am standing by in case he needs a hand.  
I realized around 1 P.M. that there would be no baking done today.  
He made a trip to the nearest town and bought got the whole rig this time:  New faucets, new handles.  Brought it home and found out the ends didn't connect properly to what was already here.  Another trip to buy fittings that would make it work.  Now the strayer thingie is not a part of the faucet base; it's in a separate hole.  I actually like that a lot better.  
I think everything may be working.  Cliff thought there was a slight leak at one place, but I have a container under it and so far haven't seen anything.  What we have decided is to make do for now; if it does have a leak, we will probably call a plumber after Christmas.  If it had been a weekday, I think Cliff would have called one today, but we're sure they charge more on weekends.  
Anyway.  Our marriage is intact, whether our plumbing is or not.  And as I told a friend on Facebook, I would say we had a terrible day except that nobody is sick and we have a warm place to live.  So in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't such a bad day.  


Forty Pound Sack said...

I'm supposed to be fixing the toilet tonight. As you can see, that isn't happening at the moment. I just know it will take longer and make a bigger mess than it should ~

Angela said...

Yes, indeed, it IS better to stay out of the way, isn't it? Wish it hadn't taken me twenty years to figure that out. =)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

As I'm sitting here listening to my faucet drip in the kitchen, I can relate to plumbing problems this morning. I guess I'll be needing to call one. I don't think I would even try to do any thing like that. Hope it is fixed there for you and all is dry under the sink today.