Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I cried for an hour yesterday morning

A friend got a good deal on fifty pounds of onions last week and shared the bounty with me.  I believe I brought home five three-pound bags.  I chopped a bag and a half to put in the freezer, then decided that was enough crying for one day.  
this is a gallon bag
A while back I saw what I considered a good buy online.  It was a Cuisinart ice cream freezer that makes one quart of ice cream.  It's on for $50, but I got it for $30 including free shipping.    
Do you see the ice cream inside?  I love home-made ice cream, but if I make a gallon of it, I eat most of said gallon:  NOT what the doctor ordered.  So this baby is just the right size, as long as I don't use it too often.  It works like a charm, giving me ice cream in twenty minutes.  Since I always have fresh milk and cream courtesy of Bonnie-the-Jersey-cow, there is no problem finding the ingredients needed.  I simply took my old tried-and-true recipe and divided it by 1/4.  Oh, it was SO good!  
Today is our big monthly shopping day.  I imagine it will be a mess, with Christmas so close at hand.  Wish me and the other one-fourth of senior citizens on Social Security who are shopping today good luck!  I get my piddly little Social Security money on the second Wednesday of the month; Cliff's is in the bank on the third Wednesday, and it burns a hole in my pocket until I get every bill paid and all the grocery shopping done.  
I notice our electric bill has gone down more than 30% since we sold the hot tub.  The savings is especially noticeable now that the weather is turning colder.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'll be joining you shopping today as I have to get things for our family celebration on Saturday. Food store and bakery on on the list. Hope your day goes well ! That ice cream looks wonderful!

Margaret said...

We have an ice cream maker that has been used once. I would like to get rid of it. Is homemade ice cream lots better? Good luck on the shopping!

Forty Pound Sack said...

oh, man, now I want to make ice cream. And I'm lactose intolerant, LOL!

Paula said...

Onions would be the nicest gift to me. I love onions in everything. Not ice cream of course. lol