Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Today's activities

Perhaps you've noticed a decline in my blog posts in the past few days.  Everything is dandy, but nothing memorable is going on.  
Cliff is finally sandblasting the Oliver 1855 that he purchased two years ago; both yesterday and today, I heard the sandblaster going most of the day.  He goes to the shop after our walk, comes in for dinner at noon, then goes back to the shop and stays until six or seven P.M.  
This puts me in hermit mode, reading.  I finished "The Help" this morning.  I'm now reading Dean Koontz's "A Big Little Life" about his wonder dog.  I have to confess this one is a little boring to me, since I've had dogs that can do about anything his retriever could do.  OK, so his dog was better-behaved than any I've had, but other than that, he wasn't so unusual; his dog didn't even watch TV, for heaven's sake!  It's a short book, so I'll go ahead and read it all.  
I'm still being forced to milk the cow once a day.  This morning I saved a gallon of milk that I'll make cheese with in the morning.  I already inoculated it with buttermilk.  Also, I skimmed some milk so I can try a new method of making cottage cheese, using a crock-pot.   I have a chunk of home-made cheddar-type cheese already aging in the refrigerator, coated in paraffin.  Ideally it's supposed to age for a month, but I doubt if my curiosity will let me wait that long.   
I churned some butter today, too.  I was down to one egg in the house, so I looked up a cookie recipe that uses butter and only needed one egg:  snicker-doodles!  The recipe doesn't make many cookies, but then Cliff and I don't need many cookies.  
When Cliff came in for dinner, we watched the latest episode of "Closer" on our DVR.  When he was heading toward the door, he bent over to give me a kiss as he thanked me for dinner, and dumped sand on my upturned face!  His hair was loaded with sand from all that sandblasting.  
Tomorrow will likely be another uneventful day, so don't be surprised if there's no new entry.         



I think Iris deserves to be featured in a book. What other dog watches TV as intently as she does. Seriously. Keep your curiosity in check and let that cheddar age. It's going to taste so-oo good. I hope you did not get sand in your eyes from your husband. Ouch, that would hurt.

darev2005 said...

I guess it's a good thing he didn't lean over his plate to eat, eh?

"Honey, this stuff is a little gritty, don't ya think?"

Leilani Lee said...

Ah! It now becomes clear. The fact that he had a retriever no doubt is the background of Koontz' book "The Watchers, about a "magnificent dog of astonishing intelligence..."