Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bye-bye, Facebook... maybe

I deleted my Facebook account.  Unfortunately, they give you two weeks to think about it and come back. So I must be strong for that period of time.  There are some things I will miss on Facebook.
1.  Keeping in touch with relatives I hardly ever see
2.  Being able to instantly share a picture without having to write a blog entry
3.  The ability to instantly share a funny joke, picture or story
4.  Keeping in touch with my long-time Internet friends, including some people from the old chat room
5.  Sound advice from Remo

Things I will not miss:
1.  The games.  I know that's hard to believe, considering I used to love Farmville so much, but I haven't played it for months.  My home in Yoville has been sitting untouched for two years or more.  Of course, with my account deleted, all my neighbors who collected points for visiting my house and my farm will miss me.  
2.  The constant changes.  I've learned to distrust people who promise me change and assure me I'm going to love it.  They lie.  
3.  The holier-than-thou folks who try to tell me the changes are so easy to adapt to and that it's all very simple.  So I'm a moron.  Big deal.  
4.  My son and daughter, since their presence on Facebook has been almost non-existant lately.  

We rode the motorcycle to Cameron today, so this is the first time I've had a chance to sit down at the computer since early morning.  The weather is so perfect, it's unbelievable.  


kcmeesha said...

did they actually change yours or you did it in anticipation? mine was still old this morning. I don't see much reason to delete it right now, but I did download a privacy plugin for my browser.

Donna said...

When I logged in tonight it had happened, and they tried to force me through a set of hoops so I would know what to do with the new look. I declined. Honestly, I'm just sick of the whole mess. It isn't so much the privacy issue or I wouldn't be doing a public blog. I'm just tired.

Sister--Three said...

I don't do Facebook so I don't miss it. You know habits you never start will never be missed!

Rachel said...

I'm on there a lot. The "changes" keep you from seeing it, I'm sure. *sigh*

Kathy said...

Good for you Donna. I wouldn't miss the games. I play only a few now and only one requires a friend -- Words with Friends.

I would miss FB for all the reasons you listed so I think I'll hang around. I haven't found the changes easy to adapt to, but I am trying and well, it's slow.

I just spent half an hour resetting friends (and that's when I noticed your name missing from my list) categories ... just to see what the change produces.

Tomorrow I'll probably have to go back and change them all back. Oh well. I'm trying. I'm accepting. But I'm not necessarily liking.

I'll miss you there, but know I can find you here. Any old time I want. :)

Michaele said...

They haven't pushed me over the edge yet. Not that they won't.

Sonya said...

I will miss you but I respect your decision. I'm sorry you have had a hard time with the changes. And with more to probably wouldn't like the upcoming changes, b/c it's going to be waaaaaay different once they go to timeline.

Cliff said...

Yeah I love this weather too. It's fairly intoxicating.
I've never tried facebook

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm only on FB for my family. It would be hard to let it go. I did it once before and missed a lot of what they had to say. Guess I'll wait and see what they do. Glad you had a good day. Our weather is turning very cool and wet here. Hope your Thursday is a great one.


When you're used to doing things a certain way, change can be anything but simple. It is nice that they allow you two weeks to think about your decision. I am sure you will miss it since it was such a part of your life. But sometimes you just have to move on.

darev2005 said...

I'm sure there must be a 12 step program available for recovering FB users.

"Hi I'm Rev and I'm a FB addict."

"Hi Rev!"

Pat said...

I will miss you on Facebook too, but I understand why you are leaving. I'm trying to adapt to the changes, because I have found so many of my old friends, and like you relatives I can now stay in contact with. I hope you keep your blog. Have a wonderful day!

Lindie said...

I have been ignoring the changes and just enjoying my friends and family. So many of them live in far parts of the world and I really enjoy the chats and instant communication and pictures. My grand daughter is in Hong Kong and I wouldn't have know about the Typhoon, (her first) if it hadn't been on FB. I have cousins all over the world too. I never played the games.

Lori said...

I have missed seeing you on FB, but maybe that will get me to visit Blogger more often. I don't spend an inordinate amount of time on FB, but I do still enjoy my Yoville, and I have been playing Words With Friends and Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader. But I don't spend anywhere near as much time on the computer as I used to, period.