Thursday, September 29, 2011

Do not open email from my AOL address

It's been hacked, obviously.  And good old AOL refuses to let me change passwords, try as I might.  I did cancel my account, but (good old AOL) they say they won't close it till the end of the billing cycle, even though it's a free account and there is no bill.  I was getting far too much spam at that email addy anyhow, but I do hate the fact that my email is sending either porn or virus's or some foul thing that I wouldn't knowingly send.  I should have closed the AOL account years ago; this is what I get for procrastinating.   
My gmail address is on my profile if you need it, and many of my old AOL friends are familiar with my Yahoo account.  I think I'd be wise to go change the password on those while I'm thinking of it.  

This added later:  I sent an email to the AOL address from my gmail account and it bounced back, so hopefully nobody will be bothered with any more pesky virus or spammy emails.  You know, Gmail lets you see from what areas your account has been accessed and actually lets you know if somebody in, say, Thailand, accesses your account.  This happened to Cliff; since he was notified and we changed his password before anything had been sent out.  It happens to the best of us when we don't make a habit of changing passwords often enough.  Someone emailed and said, "So, you have a virus?"
Nope, because I didn't click on the link in the email I sent myself.  My email was hacked, but I don't have a virus.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I had my yahoo account hacked a few months ago. They say you should change passwords frequently to avoid that happening. Old accounts are the ones they often pick up on the most it seems. Thankfully I did change the password and it stopped the spam being sent.

Margaret said...

I didn't click on the link, but I did open the e-mail. It's amazing that aol is still around!!

Toon said...

This has happened to me too, Somebody with your email address in their address book got a virus or a worm in their computer and that's how this got started.
Don't stress out.

Celeste said...

Happened tp me too. My gmail also but gmail is better at stopping stuff.