Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pioneer Woman on TV

Thanks to the DVR, I haven't missed a single episode of Ree Drummond's show on Food Network.  Not only that, I've kept all but one episode on the DVR so I can watch them again.  I didn't come up with this brilliant idea of keeping them until after I had deleted the first one.  Obviously, I am a diehard Pioneer Woman fan.  
I've never been a fan of cooking shows.  At my age, I've accumulated all the recipes I'll ever need, and then some.  And let's face it, Ree doesn't exactly cook health food.  I've probably only tried three or four of the recipes in her cookbook, simply because of the high calorie content.  It isn't her cooking that makes me love the cookbook or her show; it's the scenes from the ranch.  
For instance, I finally got to hear Marlboro Man and the kids talking!  I've read The Pioneer Woman blog for years, and seen all the pictures, but now I know what each member of the family sounds like.  Watching Ree's show is like being invited to the ranch, only I don't have to worry about what to wear or how to act.  Cliff, by the way, enjoys the show with me.  
There are only two more episodes left, although I'm sure the whole series will be shown over and over again.  Food Network might want her to do shows, and Ree may want to do more episodes.  Time will tell.  
Meanwhile, I hear she is working on another cookbook.  
I do wish they'd put the TV episodes on the Internet for those PW fans who don't have satellite or cable.  I guess we can't have everything.  
I have not yet bought a copy of the book Ree wrote for children, "Charlie the Ranch Dog".   I do intend to buy one, though.  After all, I have a great-granddaughter.  


Forty Pound Sack said...

I was happily surprised to see Ree in my brand new People magazine. She contributed a pancake recipe that sounds heavenly. Until I read the blurb in People, I had no idea she was on the Food Network. Now I'll be watching for her there, too ~

darev2005 said...

No doubt you will be able to buy the whole first season on DVD soon. She seems to have enough fans I'm sure they will try to option for another season and more books.

Vicki said...

Thanks so much for turning me on to her, I too enjoy her as much as you do. I wish her all the best. Vicki


I hear what you're saying about the recipes. I've adapted a few using my own twists to make them a little less calorie laden. It's fun to see her in her element interacting with the hubby and kids, though. But you're right, hearing their voices is priceless.

krueth said...

I was SO MAD at myself last evening when Irealized I had forgotten to se my DVR to record Ree's food show! I recorded the first 3 and totally forgot when I went to work yesterday! I have made some of her recipes, but agree with you about how fun it is to hear their voices and how they talk! Wendy