Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just a thought....

There's a very prominent blog I love; I've loved it since the first day I stumbled onto it.  
As the lady who owns the blog became more popular, she drew a few people who didn't like her.  
She was too rich.  
She made herself a "product".  
She wasn't really "keeping it real". 
(Can you say "jealous"?)  
She didn't give you enough personal attention when you thought you were her "BFF".  
Some people really hit below the belt, making up stories they thought were funny.  Like the woman with that blog called "Poop on Peeps".  Don't bother looking it up; it's gone now.  
There are others.  It seems they go on for awhile; then they cross a certain line, and they either stop blogging entirely, delete their blog, whatever.  
Let me give you a tip, folks.  If you are going to smear somebody's name and reputation, make sure they are too poor to hire a good lawyer.  Because if I were in their shoes, I'd be calling my lawyer.  
Now, if you want to smear me... have at it.  I barely have two dimes to rub together.  And I could use the publicity.  Just don't badmouth my husband, my grandchildren, my dog, or my cow.  
My kids can take care of themselves just fine, so go ahead and take them on if you're brave enough.  Now that I think about it, they'll take care of my grandchildren too.  
But you WILL be sorry if you mess with them.


Rachel said...

I hate haters. Let me do my stuff, you do your stuff, and them do their stuff. I'm just sayin'.

Oh, and HELL yeah, me and Jim have our own backs, as well as our kids.

Know what else? I have YOUR back, too. Bring it on, haters. LOL

Penny said...

I really hate the drama that happens out in the blogosphere. I loved J-Land and miss it terribly, but saw a lot of it there. I don't blog much anymore. I guess I lost the desire somewhere along the way. However, I lurk. Sometimes I comment. I agree with Rachel. I've got your back, too. Love and blessings,Penny

Donna said...

I'm pretty sure the person this is directed at will never read this entry, because I "drive her batsh*t crazy". But sometimes you just need to vent, and I feel so much better.

Julia said...

My sister observed that people will say things on the internet they wouldn't if you were face to face.My looney relatives were attacking me on my blog a few years back but when I called their house to discuss it not one of them were brave enough to pick up the phone. It's a shame that others feel the need to do it and even worse that they get away with it. I have to say I was interested in your comment that I cannot bad mouth your cow. I'm actually sitting here trying to think of HOW I would bad mouth your cow. Hmm. Maybe an udder comment..... or I could suggest your cow was "loose" - I'll have to think on it.

nerves05 said...

You go girl.. :-)

Lindie said...

I think you were talking about P-Dub and i like and admire her, even though I will never meet her. She is a real human woman and those that are against her are just a bit envious. Lucky her that she met MM and had 4 children. I was most upset by one blog that wrote bad stuff about her after visiting her at the Lodge.
On another subject, if bonnie has a little boy, will you try to get a heifer calf?

Donna said...

Yes Lindie, that's who I was talking about. I didn't use her name or the name of her blog because I don't like people ending up here as a result of Google search for PW.
The only way I'll get a heifer calf is for my cow to have one, because baby heifers are too high-priced. Dairies sell all their bull calves, so there are plenty of those at a more reasonable price.

Leilani Lee said...

I finally stopped reading a certain blog altogether because of her relentless attacks on "She who won't be named." I don't have time for mean spirited people....