Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A tip for local readers... and a meme

I know I have a few readers who live in this area, so I'd like to plug Colonial Nursery at Blue Springs. If you want to plant some shade trees this fall, this is the time to head pm out there: Trees are 25% off. Colonial's employees will bend over backward to help you select your trees, and they'll instruct you on planting and caring for your purchases. You can read more about our experience HERE.

And now, the meme, which I snagged from Mel, which she snagged from "Sunday Stealing".

My favorite age: My forties: I could walk as many miles as I wanted, without pain. My husband and I were enjoying the "empty nest". And I got my first three grandchildren then.

My best friend(s): I'm not one to form a lot of close friendships. My best friend is my husband, Cliff.

My celebrity crush: William Peterson; Anthony LaPaglia

My defining characteristic: I pretty much do whatever I please.

My most evil moment: I was about eight years old and, holding a kitten by the tale, I spun around fast and let go of him. I did this more than once. Even now, it makes me worry about myself.

My favorite food: Pizza

My grossest injury: I'm not sure what qualifies as gross. I had a nasty injury once that required stitches, and I took pictures of the doctor working on it and blogged about it.

My biggest hatred: I usually say it's cancer, but lately it's been politics.

My most illegal activity: Hmmm... I skipped an assembly once in high school. I know, boring. Keep in mind that I don't quite tell everything I know in my blog. I try to "keep it real", as Ree says; but I don't air all my dirty laundry.

My need for justice: My need for mercy is far greater than my need for justice.

My most knowledgeable field: I'm pretty much a jack of all trades and master of none. I know a lot about canning garden produce and raising calves.

My life’s goal: To stop being so self-centered and do something to change the world.

My mother’s influence: Let me count the ways. I owe my Bible knowledge and my values to my mom. She taught me to appreciate my family's history. The older I get, the more similarities I find between my mother and myself; that's not always a good thing, but that's life.

My nerdiest point: probably my love of folk music

My oldest memory: I recall spending a night with my brother's wife's relatives in Iowa and being put in a baby crib, and thinking I was not a baby. With the side rails put up, I didn't know how to get out to go to the bathroom and I wet the bed. I was SO humiliated. I must have been pretty young for all this to happen as it did.

My perfect date: To be taken to a concert performed by any of my favorite folk singers: Iris Dement, Kasey Chambers, John Prine, Loudon Wainwright III: of course, since it's a perfect date, the person who took me there wouldn't make snide remarks about these singers' performances.

My unanswered question: What is heaven like? I'm not really into streets of gold. I'm hoping there's a section for hillbillies, with lots of grass and trees and hills, and plenty of room to roam.

My random fact: I sat in the hot tub this morning while the sun come up and thanked God for about fifty things. And then sang "One Day At A Time".

My stupidest decision: Selling my first Gibson Dove guitar. Cliff and I have made some stupid joint decisions, but I'm not counting those.

My favorite television show: Cold Case

My style of underwear: None of your danged business

My favorite vegetable: butternut squash

My weakest trait: Dear Lord, I have so many. I think I'd have to say laziness. Or we could go back to the self-centered thing.

My X-men power: What's an X-man?

My strongest yearning: To have a purpose and fulfill it.

My moment of Zen: When I'm at my cabin with a campfire going. Or when I'm riding my horse around the countryside.


Anonymous said...

When I built my last house I bought all my trees from Colonial. They were very nice.

Midlife Mom said...

Loved your meme. The one about the underwear is a hoot! I'm with you, some things are just meant to be private! I don't even know what Zen is!

Came home from visiting Mom at the hospital and the neighbors two boxer dogs were out bothering the horses! I went out and the male charged me growling so I got the broom and tried to chase them off. Didn't work. Called my neighbor and said I needed HELP over here. He came over and caught his dogs and apologized all over the place. This is the second time in two weeks. I love dogs but don't want them chasing my horses. I think it's time to call animal control if it happens one more time.

Talk..to..Grams said...

Hi Donna,
I liked your answer on the private thing!!!! My girls have said to me "Mom, That is not for your blog!!! Don't be blogging about this or that! I wouldn't anyway!!

We use to go up to Blue Srrings to the nursery and get our spring flowers. Kelly worked up there one summer when she was in college.
Hugs, Grams

bookncoffee said...

Hi! I'm here! I know you have been here for a while posting daily. You'll see more of me here now. lol

medical answering services said...

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alphawoman said...

For some reason I am very excited about AOL closing their doors. One of the bloggers over there once wrote that AOL was like the rich kids in the highschool cafeteria! Ha. Il oved that, but that was back in the beginning and the hay day. I kept two jnls. for the same reason. I have lost much of my enthusiam for writing, as I have to admit, the comments keep me going and I have very few. Maybe this will be a re-birth for many of us, maybe just me...lol!


Calfkeeper said...

heh...I uesd to throw our cats into the mudpuddles when I was a youn'un. Evil.

I skipped classes in highschool, too. It wasn't until just this past year (I am now 40) I told my mother about it. She was surprised, but we laughed about it.

My 40s will be spent raising my baby. I started super late.

Love your meme.

Toni said...

LOL! Donna, Donna, Donna. Your answers are always sooo much fun to read than other memes. Why is that? 'Cause you got hootzpah, my friend. That's why.

I'm hoping there's a section for hillbillies, with lots of grass and trees and hills, and plenty of room to roam.

ROFL!!! I'll be sure to check for you there (of course, if I get there first you KNOW I'll be sitting in wide open green spaces).

And I wouldn't worry too much about the kitten incident. Kids do CRAZY things. The fact that it worries you (you have a conscience) tells me there's nothing to worry about.

Mel said...

Ah, now I feel better about mine. But not a lot. Heh.

Awesome answers! Glad you joined me in playing along. :)

Alex said...


Just wanted to say I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I love it. You have a lifestyle quite different from my own, but I'm hoping to get there one day