Sunday, September 28, 2008

My chinquapin

See that red electric-fence post in the foreground? I planted something special there.

It's a baby Chinquapin Oak; the post is there to keep it from being mowed down. I first learned something about this tree when we went on a nature walk at a state park near Branson, and our guide pointed one out. "chinquapin" is anAlgonquian Indian word; the way the ranger pronounced it was "chinky-pin", and I found the word totally delightful. I find excuses to say it. It makes me smile.

This is a picture I snagged off the Internet, so I could compare the leaves to those in my picture and make sure I had the right tree. I do believe I chose rightly.

I got my baby tree from one of my favorite places: the woods right next to my cabin. Now I will feel like I have a part of the cabin right here in my front yard.

Oh, it will grow slowly. But that's OK. It's already making me happy, just being here.

2 comments: said...

I think that the way to say the name of this tree is cute too!!!

I hope it grows up to be a fine big tree!! Hugs, Grams

madcobug said...

I believe this is the same kind of tree my Dad and his brothers used to go on the creek banks and woods to get the nuts it produces, if they are the same they are delicious. Helen