Saturday, September 13, 2008

Men's night in the hot tub (plus one)

My husband, the son-in-law, and the brother-in-law. They're being chaperoned by my granddaughter, Natalie.

That's the lovely sunset. There was light rain when I took the picture.

My dog and Cliff's sister's dog wait patiently for people to come back in the nice, dry house. We do have a dog-friendly home.


Midlife Mom said...

I like dog friendly homes. Ours is a cat friendly home, they even sleep with us on the foot of the bed or under the covers in the winter if it gets too cold. That hot tub looks sooooooooo good. We have a two person one in the master bath and haven't been in it for ages. I think you lose something when it's not outside. said...

We have one dog and two cats!! In the house!
I have a nice award for you to pick up at my blog.
Love and hugs Grams