Monday, September 22, 2008

old barns

Notice the corn is brown, ready for harvest. We saw a couple of places where the farmers were already out with their combines, getting in this years crop. The house in the next picture goes with the above barn. It's been abandoned, too.

Often, when riding with Cliff on the motorcycle, I keep my camera handy and take pictures of old barns. There are so few of them around, these days; and given another fifty years, there will probably be almost none left, at least in Missouri.

Recently, I noticed that in Wisconsin, those old barns have been well cared for, and many are still in use. I wish that were true around here.

And I wish I'd taken some pictures of those well-cared-for Wisconsin barns. But I didn't.


China Pattern said...

Good morning!

I love old barns. Ohio is full of them. I have wished that I were a photographer so that I could go around and preserve them, in a sense. Too many of them are falling in to ruin. The recent wind storm here in Ohio peeled back the roofs of a number of barns in our area.

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

I like old barns too. I live in Southern Iowa -- most of our barns look like yours pictured here.

BUT... up in northern Iowa -- Cattle country -- they still USE the barns, so they are better preserved.

Here are some of my posts on old barns. said...

I love old barns too! I thought maybe the Pictures were over and around Wellington!! You did a good job taking the pictures.
I am sure enjoying the weather! Blessings, Grams

Vicki said...

I too love old barns. You've got some great photos of them.

Calfkeeper said...

Beautiful photos. I too love the old barns.

Driving by the abandoned barns and old houses makes me sad though. I always think about how they must have been built with such high hopes.

Lovely cloud pictures too.

Midlife Mom said...

I too love old barns. They finally tore down my grandfathers barn and I really felt bad. I spent a lot of my youth playing in that barn, jumping in the hay, playing with the horses, milking the cows and hunting for kittens that the cats had in there. Great pictures!

Muhd Imran said...

I've seen huge barns while I was in the US several times, but mostly Kodak versions of striking-colored barns on prints and magazines.

Intriguing... to know what's going on inside.