Sunday, December 17, 2006

The mice get their revenge

I recently did an entry about my war with mice. I do believe I've managed to eliminate all of them from my domain. All the live ones, that is.

So this morning I emptied out the lower cabinet where they seem to have been partying the most, and cleaned and bleached it. Since the mice had been all over down there, I washed every dish and container I had stored there.

This particular section of cabinet is awkward to reach, all the way to the back, because it was stuck in a corner of this old house as an afterthought, probably 50 years after the house was built. So it's where I keep lots of Tupperware and such that I seldom use.

When we left for Church this morning, I had washed dishes and stacked them everywhere to dry. I'll bet some little mousie angels were watching and laughing.

Oh, the other part of their revenge is the awful smell of decomposing rodents in my kitchen! Cliff and I have looked everywhere, but we can't locate the final resting place of the stinking carcass of a mouse (or two) that D-Con got the best of. Ewwww.

By the way, is it just me, or are dish drainers getting smaller? I suppose it has to do with the fact that most people use automatic dishwashers, but I wash my dishes by hand. I cook a lot, and I really need a big drainer!


nerves05 said...

We get those little buggers every now and then. We live in the country so the find a way in. I have heard of them dying in people walls and stuff lucky i haven't had that problem yet thank goodness. I usally find them out side decomposing. Atleast there gone though. For now.
Take care :-)

deslily said...

LOL yes, they still sell the larger dish drains.. I think the small ones were mostly made for people in apts. with tiny kitchens.

Traci said...

I found one very skeletal mouse just this last spring. It's little foot bones were wrapped about the wire that killed him! He was behind the switch plate cover next to the sink. We SEARCHED for his remains about 5 years ago!