Friday, December 15, 2006

It's the strangest thing.....

I'm trying to train my twenty-month-old filly, Libby. I'm not a horse-trainer by any means.

So I go to Google in hopes I'll find out the proper ways to handle her.

On most horse websites, people are just trying to sell you their books and tapes; but Cherry Hill is an exception. Yes, she does have books for sale. But she also answers questions, and addresses lots of problems right on the Internet. Free.

So I found THIS LINK about ponying a young horse. I figured Blue and I could handle this job, and, indeed, we're managing quite well. Oh, the first couple of times Blue was confused; but now he knows what we're doing and just plods right along with his young charge beside us.

Funny thing is, he enjoys it. I told Cliff this, and he gave me that sort of look that says, "yeah, right". But it's true.

I've ridden Blue for three years, and believe me, I know when he is enjoying himself. All the time we are ponying Libby, his ears are straight up and he is totally interested. I think he likes being a teacher.

Maybe it makes him feel important.

If only he knew just how important he really is to me.

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Astaryth said...

Horses have more 'feelings' than people give them credit for.... Example: One of the horses I started taking care of this summer is older. He has a few health problems, but nothing out of the ordinary for an older horse. He was a little on the light side and although he would eat o.k. he didn't seem to have a big appetite. Enter my little gelding. Boo is one of those horses that is just a lover and not a fighter... heck, I've seen him sharing his food with squirrels! If another horse is aggressive with himM he just walks off. I took the old horse and put him in a pasture with Boo. He is now 'top dog' and has put on weight, is always standing at the gate waiting for his food, which he wolfs down! His eyes are brighter, he trots and canters around with Boo.

What made the difference? I think it is the fact that he is the 'boss' and gets to be in charge! In the other pasture he was low man on the totem pole because of his age. I love seeing the change in him! And Boo? He and the older horse have become best buds and share everything now {g}